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Saturday in beautiful Guerneville, California, the sun is shining and its nippy outside.   I am so excited at this my first post in my new blog;  my dreams for this blog are large and hopeful.  I am going to write about my  own experiences with cancer (stage IV Colon) and start a dialogue with you to see what is out there in the way of cures; help, education, support, whatever . . . I want to make a place where people can come and tell their stories of healing, or not healing, and find out what treatments work and which don’t. 

Hey Write To Me

I hope that you’ll write to me with your experiences (favorable and unfavorable) with any of the cures out there (including various chemos). 


For example today I started out my day by taking CoQ10, Selenium, Ten Mushroom (etc.) . . . all supplements advised by a new doctor I saw last week in San Francisco.    Its nice to take medicine that doesn’t make you feel sick; I call this doctor my ‘new’ doctor because I came to him after telling my ‘old’ doctor to put my chemo on hold as I felt I couldn’t take it any longer.  Thankfully ‘old’ doctor was gracious and gave me my freedom; had to do it though, this was my third series of chemo (plus one series of radiation) that I had been through and this one really got to me, it was Thanksgiving Day when I decided that I was grateful for the chemo but couldn’t take it anymore, my body was starting to shut down and I was vomiting 10 times a day even with my antinausea drugs.  I didn’t know where to go next so I spoke with a friend, Peter Andrews, who is Program Director at the little local radio stationI volunteer at (another thing I am doing as a ‘cure’); Peter had had stage IV cancer 30 years ago and had been ‘cured’ by a doctor in Mill Valley, using nutritional methods plus massages, his diabetes had also been cured, not to return, and he tests for it each year.  Anyway, Peter told me about his doctor (Dr. Michael Gerber, M.D., H.M.D.), who is now in Reno, Nevada, I emailed Dr. Gerber and ended up going to a doctor from the practice Dr. Gerber had in Mill Valley, his name is Daniel Dunphy and he prescribed the supplements I took this morning.   I liked my meeting with him, for one he was with me for over an hour, maybe 75 minutes, describing various methodologies out there for helping with cancer, most of it went over my head and it was definitely too much to take in all at once, but I got the impression that he is excited by his work and there are quite a few options out there. 

Cancer Immunotherapy

He was telling me about a doctor in Israel; Shimon Slavin, M.D.  Dr. Slavin approaches a cure for cancer by training the body to fight its own cancer – using immunotherapy techniques, I won’t say anymore than that because I don’t know exactly how it works, but you can google him and check his ideas out.  I’m excited by the idea of this, it seems to make so much sense, however as its so cutting edge it wouldn’t be intitutional enough to be paid for by insurance, and you know what medical costs are like when you have cancer.  Anyway, there is so much to share, and this is getting a little long, so I will tell you a little more about my experience with Dr. Dunphy in tomorrow’s blog.


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