Wild Blood Cells on Glass

More on Dr. Dunphy

So, I am visiting my new doctor Dr. Dunphy and one of the things he suggests for me is that I get a ($2000) blood test which can indicate (amongst other things) which chemos work best for you and which the body wouldn’t respond well to; sort of similar to a DNA test.   Of course all these descriptions are what I recall from the visit, edited through my chemo-addled brain, but this is how I understand it to work.  

It sounds like something that should be used on every cancer patient; after all each session of chemo is charged out at more than $5000 so why not a $2000 blood test to ensure that the most appropriate chemo for each individual is found, sounds like a great tool for any oncologist. 

You can tell its a Sunday, I’m on the pulpit again. 

Wild Blood Cells on Glass

One of the things the doctor did was to prick my finger, put the blood on a slide, and show me what my blood cells looked like magnified up a gazillion times.  It was fascinating – each cell magnified to about a half inch across, the cells were roundish, moving about like Mexican jumping beans, red inside with a white outline, like someone had used a thick piece of chalk.  

A couple of the cells were transparent inside and I asked about those.  Dr. said that those were actually the normal cells and the red ones were damaged from the chemo and cancer.  There were what looked like enormous pieces of ragged slate amongst the blood cells and the doctor said that those were pieces of chemo, and we were going to detox me to get that stuff out. 

Visualize, visualize, visualize

It was an amazing show and the visual for the chemo was an eye-opener.  Now I know to visualize perfectly round transparent circles outlined with thick white chalky lines to manifest healthy blood cells.  I didn’t expect to have that experience, it cost of course but I am glad I did it.  I really enjoyed the doctors visit, and am following along with taking the supplements (sometimes I have troubles doing this, even though I know its for my own good).  I’m going back to see him on the 18th of December

Exercise as a Cure for Cancer

I have read a lot about how good this is, and the stats can be amazing (40%+ improvement in warding of further spread of cancer once it has spread for the first time) but I have such a hard time incorporating it into my life.  I have the time, I mean I could use the time I am writing with now, but I just don’t go out there and start running – which is cheap and easy.   Maybe I will shame myself into doing it by writing it here, what is it that makes me not exercise when I know it would do me so much good?   Silly human traits.

Feeling Good

So far I feel good all the time; well sometimes my neck aches, but basically I feel like I am living without cancer, and even better living without chemo. 

 Bad Dog-Mum

Yesterday I went to the Library Book and Bake Sale in town, bought some fudge, toffee brittle and cupcakes which I shared with my friends Vidya and 83.  Simon (my dog, on the photo slideshow) helped himself to some of the fudge, while Vidya and I were at the computer blogging.  I watched Simon closely for a while but doesn’t seem to be any worse for the ordeal, and it certainly made him happy.   I don’t intend to be a bad dog-mum but Simon has a talent for taking any opportunity to swipe food and sometimes bad things happen.  But alls well that ends well and yesterday was a great day.   I’m thinking of going into Santa Rosa tomorrow to visit with Social Security to ask them about my medicare card which never materialized.   Will I be up to it?  Will I succumb to fear of Governmental Agencies, come back and find out tomorrow . . .


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