Monday Monday

Well, in my quest to have the most fun I can while I live with my cancer I went, with a friend, to Marin Superior Court to watch them fight a traffic ticket.  Then on to the DMV; taking care of other stuff.  It sounds much more mundane than it was because I had a great time today.  Plus I did something really unusual for me; I got up at 5:00 a.m. (well, any achievement counts.)

Giggles At Traffic Court

The Traffic Court was entertaining (for a spectator), almost everyone pled quilty or asked for more time, things moved quickly, no one argued and the Judge acted like he was having a good time.  They must have issued, I’d guess, around $6000 in fines for that morning’s session, my friend contributed about $50 of that.

Taking the Coast Road

We took the coast road back home and the drive was beautiful; soft rolling green hills, many cattle, occasional sea views and glimpses of beaches.  This is what I came to California for so many years ago (yikes its been 34 years!) – glad I can still appreciate it.  It made me quiet because it was so wonderful to look at that talking might have broken the spell

I’ll Have Another Mango Lassi

We stopped for lunch at a Indian restaurant, and had some good food, overlooking where the Russian River meets the sea.  I especially liked my Mango Lassi, yummi, I’m not sure if I’ve ever had one before but I plan on having another. 

Food always tastes best when you are in good company don’t you think.  I’ve been lucky in having a lot of good company recently.

 Back to Cancer Care

When I got home there was a package sitting on my windowbox – for me – ooooh a surprise!!  What could it be?  Then I saw the return address: Reliable Drug Company and remembered the Vitamin D-3 the Dr. prescribed.  The package measured about 12″ by 3″ x 3″, but unwrapped to a pill bottle not even as big as my index finger (well, I do have a big index finger), this Vitamin D-3 was specially compounded  and each pill is 25,000 units of D-3.  Many believe that Americans suffer from a deficiency of Vitamin D and all that I’ve read about it sounds plausible.  I’m supposed to take one pill every other day so I took it as soon as I opened it.  It was nice to take a pill that didn’t make me feel sick.

Still Haven’t Ordered All My Medications

There are still three more supplements that I have to order, but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  Another good thing that has been happening is that I have been taking a lot of medicine (supplements) and none of it made me feel sick when I take it. 

 Happy About My Decision Not To Continue My Chemo

So far so good, I feel confident in my decision to pause the chemo, although Dr. Dunphy also talked about using chemo too.  Right now I don’t want to hear about it, just the word chemo makes me feel queasy and to think of going back to it . . . I don’t like the idea.

 Time to Get Serious About Contacting Dr. Slavin

Tomorrow I need to email Dr. Slavin, to see if he is treating people, whether my being a stage IV makes me a likely candidate, and whether they are taking on new patients, then I guess I can ask about dealing with the cost if I get over those hurdles. 


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