Oh the cost

Well, I feel good about myself today, got stuff done.  Took all my meds and even ordered the other meds I hadn’t gotten around to.  I ordered Angio Block and Artemesinin (hard to read the Dr.’s writing) and had to gasp when the person at the other end told me the Angio Block would cost $112, I tried to keep my composure and I think I did a good job, but this is getting really expensive; but mustn’t think of costs when it comes to my health at this stage of the game (this is a game!) 

Anyway I ordered my meds and guess what else I did . . .

I Emailed Dr. Shimon Slavin

Well, I had been putting this off, but I managed to do this today.  I took out my photocopied page of Mr. Slavin’s business card which my doctor gave me, and sent off an email asking whether he was taking any new patients, how much the treatment cost, what it entailed, could I pay slowly.   I am nervous just thinking about it, I started to write the great american novel in my email to him but realized he is a busy guy so changed my tactic and kept it brief.   I do hope he replies and that this will lead to my trying his help.

 Little Pains

 Nothing stopped me doing anything today but I did feel some pains in my pelvic area during the morning, just a few stabbing pains, don’t know whether that is good or bad, but it always makes me nervous to feel pains, they are the secret language of cancer.  Still feel that I made the correct decision though to go alternative, and it could be the pain of cancer dying . . . who can say?

Light Relief and Entertainment at the Station

Well, today was a fun day, I got a lot done and even went into the radio station to make some little promos, met up with a new DJ who is just starting by the name of Lew, had a big long gab session and then went into production mode.  Got a lot done there too . . . must be the theme for today – get a lot done!  The radio station is another way I am trying to treat cancer, by doing something that I really enjoy.

Sharon Osborne Too

I got to write to Sharon Osborne (wife of the great Ozzy Ozborne) too.  My friend Vidya (who is responsible for this blog) sent me a link to the Cedar Sinai Hospital where Sharon has a special program for people with colon cancer (she had it herself ), so I wrote and asked what they might have to offer.  The website looked like it focused on the ever-popular surgical solution to cancer, but I also asked whether they had heard of Dr. Slavin’s work and would they consider looking at using his methods in addition to surgery.  Lord knows if either Sharon or Dr. Slavin will understand what I am asking, I get very fuzzy these days with my chemo-brain, but I gave it my best and am eagerly awaiting a reply.

Next Assignment

Next assignment has to be to get to Social Security and get my Medicare card, Medicare took over from my Medi-Cal but never sent me a card or number, and of course when I call they all sound very helpful but no replacement card arrives so I guess I get to try and harass a human at SSA.   (Without the card or number getting any medical help is unlikely so this has to be taken care of pronto.)  Lucky me, better get an early start for that appointment.   Tomorrow I will get the papers ready for an appointment and plan to go in on Thursday for my full frontal attack.


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