Dr. Slavin writes Back

Well, my socks got knocked off, about an hour after I sent my email over to him, I got one back, and not an automated reply either, a real message, with meaty scientific information, honesty (might not work) and a fair offer of an evaluation he would give of my medical records for $400, which is more than fair if not cheap by american standards.  I will post my email and his response under the Immunotherapy subsection here. when I figure out how to.

How To Afford This

If I should be appropriate for Dr. Slavin’s  treatment it would cost many thousands of dollars – probably $20,000 with travel and housing costs, and where is it going to come from?  Don’t even think about asking Medicare for help, ha ha.  Vidya suggested a paypal account on this blogsite, to let people know I would appreciate any help that is out there to get the money I need to see doctor Slavin.  I don’t know anyone rich but I have faith that I can get this money if I try hard enough.

Sharon Osborne’s Foundation Answers Too

I wrote to Sharon Osborne’s Foundation which offers financial support to some people receiving care at Cedars-Sinai, and they said they can’t help.   But it still was fun emailing Sharon Osborne (well, I never emailed her personally) and getting a response.  Can’t win ’em all.

Getting It Together for Social Security

Well, it took me longer than I expected but at last I have my papers together for the SSA.  Have to get there first thing so I can’t go tomorrow as I have my radio show from 7 – 9 which would put me at the SSA around 11 a.m., a deadly time to arrive and wait and wait and wait.


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