Sharon Osbourne Foundation Answers and My Port acts up

Well, I got an answer from the Sharon Osborne Foundation at Cedars-Sinai but they only help out those already in treatment at Cedars, fair enough.  I read in the paper today about another cancer patient who is trying to get funding for a treatment which costs $235,000, that sounds like an impossible amount to get, but she is going for it.  I sent some information about Dr. Slavin to the reporter to pass along in case it could be of use.

My Port Starts Acting Up

It feels like my port (a little plastic implant they use to give you infusions during your chemo) in my shoulder is acting up.  When I bend over especially the pain takes my breath away, it comes out of the blue a lot and and it lasts a while too. It seems like it could possibly be scar tissue building up around the port so it isn’t bothering me like some of those pains that come along.  My friend David who has been sick in many ways during his life offered some advice about exercises to perform to loosen up that area, so we did a few together, until we felt the burn, and then we stopped.

Still Doing Well Taking My Supplements

Thankfully I am still taking all of my supplements (I have about 12 of them) so I am pretty proud of myself, but still I lack the motivation to exercise.  Exercise is a proven treatment for just about anything, I have no idea why I am resisting this so much.  Does anyone out there have any suggestion how to get over this?


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