Back Home

Well, it seems like a long time, but I had to take a break, I went down to Southern California to see my parents at their 60th wedding anniversary, along with my aunts Gwynneth and Kathleen I rarely see and one uncle Tony whom I hadn’t seen for about ten years. 

I had a great time, went boating, ate way too much food (the Cheesecake Factory especially, their portions were immense), walked up and down malls and even spent some money. 

Desperately Seeking Christine

I am happy I went, however I messed up the arrangements somewhat . . . I arrived at LAX on time from my flight from Santa Rosa.  Things seemed to be going OK, although a little voice in my head was warning me about something.   I didn’t realize until I reached the outside of the terminal at LAX that I had forgotten to tell my aunt which airline I was flying on, or that I was flying from Santa Rosa (I had lived around San Francisco for decades so she naturally thought that that would be my departure airport).  

Anyway it tooks hours to get together, I felt like such a dufus for not giving more information.  But all ended up OK.  

Tangled Up In The Water

The next day we went out sailing by Dana Point and saw seals and sea lions sleeping on the contraptions (don’t know the correct name, but they are huge markers) about a mile out to sea, there were many pelicans too – we saw one get caught up in a fishermans line (but he became unhooked none the worse). 

It was a great trip and I even got to steer for a while. 

 Supersize Me

Later we did much malling and then the Cheesecake Factory where we probably put on 5 pounds between us.  We enjoyed it though. 

The Big Surprise

The next day was my parents 60th wedding anniversary and we all met at the Rusty Pelican, and the surprise was complete!  My parents opened many anniversary cards, I found out that my request for the White House to send a card had been granted, and they had liked the photo of the Bushs that had come with it. 

One day later I left which still gave me the chance to spend time with Mum, Dad and Aunty Kathleen. 

 Health Update

It was a great visit and I felt healthy thoughout, barely a twinge of pain.  Truly a good trip


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  1. John on

    Sounds like a good time enjoyed catching up on the phone – send me your address and home number.

    Im now out doing all the last minute holiday shopping christmas treats couldnt miss out on the christmas pudding and fruit cake – am i the only person that eats fruit cake

    Take care John

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