Almost Christmas

Well, how time flies, I still am not ready for Christmas, but I guess it is going to happen regardless.  Eventually I went to Social Security to see about my Medicare card which never arrived.  I got there just as they opened and only waited about ten minutes to get seen.

The Wrong Place At The Right Time

Well, of course the first thing they said was that they only deal with Medi-Cal there, which turned out to be alright as I also needed to know whether I was still covered by Medi-Cal (until I get my medicare stuff taken care of).  It seems that the computer says I am so “yeah!” though at  the moment all that it would pay for would be the physical therapy I need for my neck.

Getting My Medical Records Straight

Well, my ploy to call the nurses at my oncologist’s office to help get the correct medical records to give to Dr. Slavin backfired.   I got a call from the office a few days after I left my message telling them I needed help getting the records together. 

I called the office and after a while realized that the nurses had just forwarded my message on to the medical records department.  I hadn’t wanted them to do that because the last time I asked medical records to send my records off to a doctor they said ‘sure’, asked for the fax number and then never sent anything off – so I paid $360 for an appointment with a doctor who had no idea what was wrong with me.  So now I have been left with the option of picking up a copy of my whole file and working out what I should copy and send to Dr. Slavin.   I will also have to go to the radiology department separately to get films to send to him. 

I really expected a bit more help, but my doctors office is just way overwhelmed with work and all I get are excuses (about a month ago I asked my nurse practitioner if she knew of alternatives to chemo, she said she would have the research nurse call me, I got one call saying she was overworked and would get back to me, never heard from her since). 

This I find sad and it upsets me; when you only have a life expectancy of a few months, for someone to blow you off like that is disheartening.  BUT the good thing is that this reinforces how right I was in my decision to stop the chemo.  I have been reading more and more negative articles about chemo and will start posting them on this site.  If anyone has any experience with chemo please comment – negative or positive or just a description of what happened.  I really would like to get a database going.


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