Well, this was one of the first supplements I tried, sounded like a miracle cure.  The description on the box tells it pretty simply: “The zeolite’s honeycomb-like framework of cavities and chanels (like cages) works at the cellular level trapping heavy metals and toxins, removing them safely and naturally from your system”.  It was pretty expensive for something that in another form can be bought for $4 to clean out aquariums.  It cost me around $260 a month for the volume which was suggested by the seller (not a doctor or even close).  

I was supposed to be able to be cured or notice a difference by the end of three months, but all I noticed was  a lighter wallet.  To their credit my kinesiologist said that it was doing me a lot of good (but maybe just to clean out my system).  My CEA levels (levels indicating the amount of active cancer in the blood) rose to very high levels while I was taking this so it didn’t work on my tumor, which is the reason I tried it.

Once I started ordering this zeolite I received the same promotional materials the sellers did, which said that if you ordered enough (didn’t say how much) you would be given a free trip to Las Vegas (well, not exactly free – paid for by the person ordering the Zeolite.)  This pretty much sickened me and really put me off Waiora, the company that produces the Zeolite I bought. 

However, maybe you have a different experience, let me know if you have tried this and noticed any difference, or just as importantly didn’t notice any difference


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