Grapes to Cure Cancer

Well, another day, another piece of information comes my way.   This time from my sister in law Rita who sent along a link to

which give lots of information about alternative cancer cures. 

I was reading about a special cancer diet they have, there are plenty about, this one sounded strange, just organic concord grapes smashed together and consumed for 12 hours of the day and spring water for the rest of the 24 hours.  The grapes contain many ingredients that work to fight against the cancer.   Funnily enough, even though I despise grape juice (I have a bottle in the fridge that someone gave me – its been there over six weeks) this diet really resonated with me at some level.  I think that at my next doctors appointment (January 2) I will ask his OK about doing this – I’m asking because you cannot take ANY supplements while doing this diet and supplements were big with him.  Six weeks of grapes and nothing else?  Well, you read about it and see if it doesn’t sound possible as a ‘cure’ though.

Smelly Pore Puss

Yes, they said that during this diet you detox so heavily that hideous smells often emit from your pores, and everywhere else.   I know from the blood smear that Daniel Dunphy showed me (wow I’m still impressed by that) that the chemo looks pretty threatening (rough and jagged-looking, sort of like broken slate) and it made me sick enough going down, heres to it making others sick when it comes back out.  Tee hee.

That Darned Identity Theft Again

Well, darn and blast, today I got a call from my credit card company, I was listening and figuring out how to tell her I didn’t want whatever they were pitching when she offered to ‘patch in’ an officer Collins from the South San Francisco Police Department, well – I clued in.  This was not an ordinary sell-you-something-you-don’t-need call from the credit card company, they had gotten my attention now.

How Did This Happen?

Mostly, by my not paying attention I guess.  Last year I stayed at a friends house in San Francisco for about two months, I hadn’t bothered to give a new address to the credit card company, possibly because I didn’t want to see the damage I was causing, so my friend and I saw less of each other I got used to not checking my credit card bills. 

However, a couple of months ago common sense kicked in and I did call one credit card co. and gave them my new address.  This was the card which had been used.  By all accounts in August (which was before I did the change of address and didn’t see my bills regularly) someone used my card to stay in a nice hotel in South San Francisco (well, I presume at $275 or so a night it was nice), the charge was originally allowed but then someone from the credit card company called to cancel it. 

Its the end of December now and I am just hearing this?  And why would my c.c.c. (credit card company) think that was so unusual that they called to decline the charge?  They must know me way better than I think, its sort of creepy.  Anyway my card is now cancelled and another will be on its way in about a month I suspect (that 7 business days seems to always run over).  But I sure don’t understand how this happened, 1) how did they get to pay using my card number but not have to show ID or a card (via internet, but an ID would have been required at check-in?  2) why did the c.c.c. think this was a charge they should decline?  (I paid $800 for my doctors visit three months later so there was room on the card).  And 3) why are the detectives calling me in December about an August charge, did they find receipts with the imposters? – that sounds unlikely.  Lots of questions, but from now on I think I will be the uber conservative when it comes to my credit cards.   Perhaps no more ordering on the internet, ouch – I’m not sure I can function properly without ordering stuff on the internet. 

Anyone out there have any suggestions as to how this could have happened?


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