A Lucky Day – Death Makes You Think

Well, no one else has stolen my identity today but thats not why it was lucky.  I started out by waking up around 7:30, late for me, especially as I had planned to go to Social Security Admin today, yuck!!   So, dressed, fed the pets and got into the car to drive to SSA, which is in Santa Rosa, opposite Pennys at the Cottington Mall.  Well, I found it without any trouble.  First sign of luck.  It was around 8:35 when I arrived and I approached the door only to see a sign saying “open 9-5” well, a government agency that doesn’t make you get there at 8, thats cool.  However cool required a wait, and I was second in line at that point and not about to lose my advantage.  So I stood there until 8:50 which is the magic time they can let people in at the SSA.  After declaring that I had no pocket knife or pepper spray or cell phones turned on I was free to wait until 9 when, being second in line, I was called right away.  This must be a dream I thought.

What Was That?

Well, I explained my problem (a letter from Medicare saying they were taking over my healthcare insurance from Medi-Cal but not giving me a card or number to ID me.)  At first the woman said that I didn’t need a card for Medicare, but she would send me a temporary one to my home address which was still not in the system, even though I had called in a change of address to SSA on the phone.  That was about six weeks ago so probably it was on its way to be corrected, can’t expect things to happen overnight.   She told me that Medi-Cal was now paying my Medicare (?) and that the $95 that medicare had taken out of my disability would be paid by the state instead.  She also told me that I didn’t have an ID number, but mine would be my social security number plus a certain letter of the alphabet.  How do government employees master this strange version of English where everything sounds like it makes sense, except when you think about it when it disintegrates into something else.  Well, its strange, but very lucky don’t you think?

Anyway I found out what I needed to know, I am covered, probably can still use my Medi-Cal card and should continue paying my $20 co-payment each month to Medi-Cal.  Good glad that is cleared up.  I tried to see if she knew anything about whether any of the providers for Medicare would be more likely to pay for alternative health care . . . you can try right?  She told me I would have to go to a Medicare office (didn’t know they had them, would have gone there first) because they hadn’t been trained in Medicare, lucky them, I visited the website and staring at it glassy eyed was about all I could do with the info provided.

Success, To Be Followed By . . .

 Hopefully more success.  I was already in Santa Rosa so I thought I would go to my oncologists office to get my medical records which were overdue.  I was anticipating a problem as no one had called to let me know they had been copied.

I arrived at the Clinic and asked first for the radiology department, so I could get copies of films (CTs PETScans, XRays) that had been taken recently.  The receptionist told me to go to the basement, which I did. 

It certainly did still look like a basement, I think it was about 7 feet tall and the building’s pipes hung overhead the worker’s heads, I can’t imagine working there and not banging your head on a pipe once a day.  Anyway they were a nice bunch of people there and all I had to do was ask and they put together a CD just for me.  Wow that was easy . . . this is when I thought perhaps I should drive over to Reno and put it all on red.  But, first I had to get those renegade medical records.  I took a deep breath and went upstairs.  I asked the office receptionist for my medical records and after she contacted the person responsible for this, lo and behold I received an apology for not getting them to me, and they were copied as I waited.  Took about ten minutes.

 See What I mean?

Surely this must be my lucky day.   But this was not all, I returned home to find an email from an old friend who had found my blogg and thus me.  That is lucky indeed.  This would be my friend Nancy Fox who was Dirk Dirksen’s secretary for years and one of his best friends too.  I met Nancy at the Mabuhay Gardens and we have many punk style memories and a few selling food at the Mab and a few more that can’t be gone into here.  Anyway it was wonderful to hear from her again, and Nancy once she contacted me and was certain that it was the Christine Lowry that she had known, then contacted another old friend of mine Charles Jackson.  Charles wrote and another bundle of memories poured out.

Death Makes You Think

Certainly a death sentence is a call to action, makes you think about what is important to you.  When I had my second diagnosis I narrowed down my values to: pets, friends and family (which should be one and the same word.)  There is little that provides more comfort, security, companionship and security than a pet or good friends don’t you think?  And when no one else will take you, your family is usually there.


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