A Great Conversation About Liquid Zeolite From Another Blogg

This doesn’t exactly clear up whether Zeolite works or not, but its an incredibly interesting conversation and shows the difficulties out there in knowing what is good to buy or not.



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  1. Bill Murphy on

    I am getting confused.
    So many sites about liquid zeolite.
    Is there an official web site or forum where I can find out about Liquid Zeolite.
    I have found a few but I would rather look at an official site.
    I am interested in using the products for detox but I am also interested in what these products can do about cancer for my brother.


    PS the sites I am currently looking at are
    http://groups.google.com/group/Liquid-Zeolites?hl=en , http://www.liquidzeolite.org/ ,

    PPS. Sorry if I have posted my question incorrectly.

  2. Mariana on

    I found a site on zeolites comparisons http://www.comparezeolite.com I don’t know about an official site. I know the company Waiora is the official site for the cellular defense brand, and there is a site by the guy (kaufman) who invented it. I think it is spiritofsunshine.

    Thanks for posting the let’s talk detox site. WOW there is a LOT of information there. I have decided to use the Waiora product after reading all the reviews.

    Maraina Worther

  3. Alan W on

    I have noticed that most all sites about this product are by those who sell the product. The few sites that seem to take an objective look are very skeptical. One site even warns that the liquid version is actually poisonous because of metals that are released in liquid versions as compared to crystalline versions. Most sites about zeolite are about the use of the mineral in non-medical uses. That should give one pause…zeolite is not a natural substance (at least one that is meant to be eaten). See http://www.cqs.com/zeolite.htm. Also http://www.raysahelian.com/zeolite.html and also look at the Wikipedia article on zeolite.

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