One Step Further On

Well, didn’t plan on not writing for a few days but it happened nonetheless, so I have some catching up to do.  I guess the main reason I didn’t write is my fear, I have been loosing blood, probably though my rectum, for about four days along with incredible bloating and pain around the abdomen and stomach.  I called up both of my doctors and went to see them.

I saw Daniel Dunphy first, got some more supplements and updated him to my position with Dr. Slavin, Daniel is excited by his procedures and we talked about the incredible difficulties that American doctors have in getting permission to operate facilities like Dr. Slavin’s.  That is so bogus, we can buy alcohol or cigarettes, or even candy bars, but not supplements or alternatives to the ‘doesn’t really work’ world of chemotherapy.

The Symptoms

Were blood in the water when I went to the bathroom, pressure in my abdomen and stomach and pain in those places too.  I had no constipation but it felt like I did (due to the bloating).  I know this isn’t attractive to read but when you get really ill these are the things you have to pay attention to and if we all did this while we were healthy probably a lot of disease would be caught before it is.  Anyway after the first day I called my doctors and today (January 10) I saw the nurse practitioner at my oncologist’s office.  They did a digital exam to see if I had hemmeroids and it seemed I didn’t although I guess my rectum was longer than the nurses’ finger so I possibly could have one.  Seems more likely its cancer of the rectum which had occured to me (or just the return of the cancer, with all the pressure in my abdomen it felt like a blockage had grown inside).  I will be set up for a Pet Scan in a week or so and we will see then what happens.  I did have a blood pull that was ‘good’ though, they thought that maybe I was anemic so I’m not anemic, though I would rather be anemic than have cancer for sure.

 Sent Off My Medical Records

 Well, it took a while but I got both my medical records off and the money wired to Dr. Slavin.  It should arrive in a day or two from today and I am excited about this.  Daniel Dunphy tells me he thinks I am the perfect candidate for this, and so do I, but I worry that if this new problem ends up being cancer that I will be too far gone for doctor Slavin’s treatment.   Anyway, Daniel Dunphy described for me some of the process that Dr. Slavin goes through and it seems like the whole process can be done in a couple of weeks, that the treated lymphs can be returned to my body and (if lucky) will eat up the tumors in a day or two (!) and then I wait for the Dr. to make up a vaccine to take home with me.  Daniel Dunphy was telling me about a patient of his who went to Dr. Slavin, he had been given four months and has been free of cancer now for four years.   This patient is in the process of finding funding for the Doctor and for potential patients.  I have the feeling that this will not be quick enough for me but you never know.

Vitamin D

When I visited Daniel Dunphy he wanted to up my dose of Vitamin D to every day instead of every other day.  He was telling me how many people suffer from a deficiency, I mentioned that seemed strange as we all spend some times outdoors, but Dunphy said that to get a ‘dose’ of Vitamin D you would have to stand outside, naked for twenty minutes with full sun (like in June or July).  So that made it more apparent why people would have such a deficiency, I am aware that the Canadian Cancer Society has put its full force behind Vitamin D and good for them, its cheap and lets hope it works!  I really like the Canadian Cancer Society, when I was trying to find out statistics about how long I might live with my cancer (can’t help being a little morbid at times) I would go to the American Cancer Society and it was like reading my medical records, I could get most of the words, but to get any sense out of it you have to be very versed in medical terminology so their information was useless to me.  Then I tried the Canadian one and lo and behold they seemed to have a website set up for someone who isn’t a medical professional and I found what I needed right away, and it wasn’t difficult to read at all.   What nonsense to keep this information from us, do they think that people who are probably going to die have no right to know how much time they might have left?  (And I’m well aware that that varies per person but its still good to get a ballpark figure.)


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