Onward I go

Well, I swallowed my pride and called in the doctors office to get some pain meds.   It was pretty easy, just left a message with the nurse practitioners and they called back, asked how things were and voila a prescription from the Doctor!  And boy did I need it.  Because it was a narcotic I had to drive an hour to the office to pick it up (they suggested mailing it, can you imagine waiting four or five days for your pain meds, sheesh!).  

The drug is Endocet and works well, mostly, but I worry now that I will be on painkillers all the time.   Usually I wait until the pain arrives before taking meds but this time the pain is just too enduring to do that and when I don’t take the meds I can feel the pains coming back.  Its very frightening.

Talk It Out

I guess I should have asked the nurse what this pain means, whether it could go away, and how soon might it get worse.    I suppose I am afraid to ask, when I have these pains I feel that I must only have a short while left to live. 

Oh well, wrote to my PD at KGGV and asked him to let me know if I sounded like I was on drugs on the air.  Have to have some dignity!

Dr. Slavin wrote back

Well, I still don’t have a prognosis on whether Dr. Slavin will take me on or not, but I wrote to him again today because I haven’t heard from him for two weeks, and he emailed back to say that he would get the answer to me (via his secretary) early next week.  Hopefully I can stave off paranoia till the email arrives.  I am so excited, so nervous.  And, believe it or not I have about a third of the amount of money I will need to get treatment by the Doctor, thats a miracle in itself!


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