From the Saint to the Spiritualist Church

Well, after visiting with St. John, there was more to experience. My friend Rob knew of this church he wanted me to visit, they did free Reiki healing and did psychic readings too. This sounded like fun and maybe someone from the other side could appear and give me the go ahead for some treatment that would definately work for me.

So, off we drive to Franklin and Clay and get there just a tad late, we rush in all flustered and sweaty while all around us are quiet meditating people. Rob directs me to this special healing room where about five people stand aside chairs, in the chairs sit people who need healing. I took one chair and enjoyed my session, it was relaxing and peaceful anyway.

After the healing we all went to the main room of the ‘church’ and listened to a story about tolerance, this was followed by the church business, and after that came the psychic readings.

Well, of course I hoped that I would be called, but it wasn’t to be. At one point it almost seemed so, they were talking about the African Savanna and British stuff, and I thought, well the British stuff matches, but then the woman behind me claimed it, even though she didn’t really have any meaningful connection to Africa. It seemed like that all around, I guess it wasn’t a day of great communications, everyone was told to de-stress and all the people called on were already known by the psychics (they would call them by their first names!) It just didn’t appear to be very valid, but perhaps I just arrived on the wrong day.

First KOWS Meeting

Well, at last – the first KOWS meeting happened. There were four of us DJs from KGGV there and about 15 other people who are starting shows. It was an interesting group and there is a lot of talent at the station. My day was made when a DJ came up to me and told me he used to listen to me on KUSF in San Francisco. Wow. During the meeting we all introduced ourselves, told about our programs and talked about some of the things we could do with the station, starting with announcing the April Fools Day Parade which is due to occur on the 5th of April. It is said that it is fun. Lets hope so.


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