My Visit To The White Medicine Man

Well, this doesn’t happen everyday, although I might wish it did, because I really enjoyed myself. Today I took the suggestion of a woman I met recently, called Saskia. Saskia rescues dogs, which is how I met her (well, by synchronocity I emailed her about a rental property over a year ago, but only met her in person recently.)

Saskia is a very special woman who has a lot to give and has no problem giving it (mainly to dogs, lucky dogs!). After finding out I had cancer Saskia has offered me many suggestions. One, a book called Initiation (enjoyable because it encompasses reincarnation a theory which is more and more attractive to me these days). Also Saskia told me about someone she knew, who was a financial consultant mainly, but who also did healings.

Well What Do I Have To Lose

Well, nothing at all I say at this point, so yesterday I called up the doctor and talked to him for a few minutes. He was about to leave town for a while so he squeezed me in today. So today at two I started on my journey to his Petaluma office which was indeed full of what looked like financial files all over the place – it reminded me of my life as a legal secretary and the lawyers I had worked for whose files managed to walk all over the office in order to find a space of their own, the whole room ends up being used as a filing area.

Anyway, he sat down with me and explained his history of how he got into healing, and why he only does it part time. He talked of his philosophy of how we all have contracts with our bodies, I may have one saying that I’m to leave this plane of existence in 2008/2009 he said, he was over the course of the treatment going to see if there was one with me and work to see if indeed I sincerely wanted to stay (he didn’t put it that way but it types quicker) and there was nothing disturbing (in his opinion) to leaving early as he believed in reincarnation (he says usually 10-15 years after death), he said that maybe I wanted to leave this plane because the world was going to be so hairy between 2008 and 2018, in that case it would be a wise decision. He said there were many prophesies that these times were not going to be pleasant. However I didn’t follow up on that so I have no tips to give you. But if the economy continues like this I can see lots of little problems coming for sure.

My Spirit Guides

He looked around me and said that I had a lot of spirit guides around me. He asked me for my mums name and description, he saw her there too, though she is alive. He said that he saw something in me that he hadn’t seen in another before which was that I was afraid of losing my parents so much that I had pacted with myself to die with them. This surprised me as my relationship with my parents is probably like yours, if not worse. However I am aware of the subconscious and the conscious minds and how easy it is to be out of touch so it could be quite likely. I shared my surprise with him, but just because it sounds unlikely I am certainly not going to ignore the idea.

Karma Balance

He had me lie on his futon and he listened to my body, he told me that I was trying to pay off my karma too fast (doing too much basically) and that it was killing me, literally, he also told me that CHRISTINE DOESN’T GET ENOUGH FUN, at first I waffled and almost disagreed but NO he was right, CHRISTINE DOESN’T GET ENOUGH FUN and we have to work on this. Well, I wasn’t going to argue with that. Maybe we should all say it together _______ DOESN’T GET ENOUGH FUN. Its sort of fun just to do that, say it loud and proud!

He then had me think of three people that I had helped, to my detriment, and we did a little ceremony to loosen the karmic agreements. His hands felt cold when he touched me, which was nice because my sickly body is all hot and needs cooling. He moved his hands about over my body and I could hear my intestines growling, my poor body, but it felt better – as if everything was loosening up a bit and feeling more comfortable.

There Was A Lot More To This

But hey, I was in the middle of it and not taking notes. However, I have decided to work further with my medicine man because I absolutely agree with his philosophy which I haven’t really described yet, but will tell you as things unfold. Also, I just felt better after seeing him. He made me promise to dance wildly for at least 10-15 mins per day, so that sounds doable, maybe we should all do it together. He also gave me a liquid drink called Xango, actually he didn’t give it to me, but sold it to me. Medicine man told me that he doesn’t add any markup and I loved him for that. You have no idea how creepy it is when people are trying to sell you something that ‘might help’ cure you, and they are doing this as a living, I am 600% more likely to believe someone when they say something works if they are not making any money out of it.

Back To Guerneville

So that was it, my visit to the Medicine Man. It was almost mundane, but not. I got in my car and drove back home, I felt better that was for sure. I had started hurting driving down to Petaluma in the two usual places in my pelvis, but now there was no pain there, my body just felt more relaxed all over, and in case that sounds like no big deal, my body is usually so tense that if I touch my torso it feels like something solid (and I’m not talking washboard abs) as if concrete has replaced all the air that usually resides in the torso. He asked me to call him around March 10 or so to see what our next step will be. I will be doing that my medicine man.

One More Thing to Be Grateful For

I shouldn’ t have waited until this far down it the blogg to tell you that shortly after I began my session with Medicine Man he told me that Saskia has paid for the session. You have no idea how surprised I was. I know Saskia is not rich, in fact she needs all the help she can get with her dog rescue mission. But, still I accepted the gift. I am constantly amazed at the kindness of strangers (if indeed they can be called that.) I am amazed that people help me this way, over and over. And I am grateful for it. Saskia you are one of my angels. Damn it now I have to live!



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  1. Sheila Koren on

    What synchronicity, Christine! I don’t know if you remember or can place me but we’ve been involved at KKGV with some crossing of paths. I’ve been reading a book written by an old friend about combining western psychology and shamanistic practice and it resonated with my perceived needs of the moment, so I googled Guernevile and spirit guides and came up with your blog….Something I haven’t done for a while which may be part of, cause and/or effect. of my recent depression, is wild (in my quiet way) dancing. And the other day, I was at the Snoopy Musuem with a child client and saw a snoopy cartoon (with S himself whirling around madly) exclaiming Dancing is the ultimate or primary art form. That struck me too. So here I am saying hi and open to finding some way to dance razy together.
    I’ll be out of town 7/1-7/8 at Camp Sunburst in Livermore, but always available on the cell phone that now works in Guerneville at 415-652-2704.
    Hoping to make some kind of future connection with you….Thanks for a lovely blog..your sexription of the medicine man in Petaluma was wonderful and I may ask you for his number some day…

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