A Few Days Later

First of all I want to get this website in todays blogg, before I hit the wrong key and delete it, http://www.lazarexfoundation.org/index.php, forget how I found it, I will edit to let you know, but it sounds interesting, I wrote them for more information.

I didn’t mean to stay away from my blogg so long, I really wanted to get back to blogging. But a friend’s brother died, the week after his aunt died, and even worse the brother was found destitute, dead out in the fields. He had always had a problem with alcohol, but I guess no more.

Anyway, I think I needed to be there. So I was. The father still alive to witness his son’s death by alcohol. How sad, how seemingly pointless, and how often this happens. I’d guess in almost every family is one or two like this. The brother was not even as old as I am, so I guess I should count myself lucky. It was a thoughtful time, what can you say to someone who has lost someone, that close, and in this way. It all sounded pretty trite, but I said it anyway. I know everyone did their best, and more than they should have had to.

With all the books I’ve been reading about death I thought I would have more help to offer, but nope. On the drive down I forgot to bring my pain kills and got sick, in Paso Robles I think it was. I hurled for about twenty minutes, I believe it was the snickers bar I ate. After that I just lay down for the rest of the night. I was out of it. Thats it thought, my body is now a temple and no more junk, it doesn’t even taste good.

So, that was that. On the drive back I stopped at Andy’s in Sebastapol and bought a whole bunch of organic nuts, dried fruit, chocolate flavored colostrum, and a little tuna salad mix, which was the most unhealthy thing I bought. Went home and put some of the tuna mix on my crackbread (don’t want much regular bread anymore just this which is way more fun to eat.) Then I mixed up the chocolate colostrum with an organic banana and ate it all.  It was the first thing that I ate today and it went down well. And its been down now for about 2 hours so I think I’m safe.  I feel great anyway, and its wonderful to be back in Guerneville where all is well.


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