Back to Chemo and My Medicine Man

Well, I’ve had two infusions now of the new chemo mix. Thankfully I seem to be tolerating it well so far, today I saw the acne that they warned me about, is starting on my chin and nose too. But, I’ve only thrown up once this week, thats wonderful. I’ve been drinking my Xango with the mangoneese and fruits, that might be making it easier too.

Wednesday on my last visit to the clinic I got angry again, the first week I was told that I would have a four hour infusion which turned into a five and a half hour infusion, I was pissed. Wednesday I went into the clinic for my one hour infusion, and guess what – all of a sudden my calendar is changed and they have decided that I get a three hour infusion each week. I was displeased but what can I do about it, they are so disorganized. So I sit down and start reading. Some time later I notice that this guy has come into the clinic to deliver some bananas, he does his quite often, but this time he brought someone with him, and it turned out to be Tommy Smothers, of the Smothers Brothers! He was so nice and did a routine with his yoyo that was amazing, his version of a Harley Davidson using the yo yo was something else. It almost made me glad that I stayed there longer. I would tell you more details but the “t” key is broken and it takes me forever to write. I’m cutting and pasting my “t”s now.

Medicine Man Works Well

I have to admit, this is working so much better than I expected. If I described it to you it would sound ridiculous, he does psychic surgery, speaks in tongues, looks into my past lives and more. But, every time I visit him I feel better and better, what more can I say. I will be seeing him for about ten days I think, three days on, one day off. My medicine man is a tax man too so he is hell of busy right now, but still squeezes me in at the end of his day. Bless Him. He tells me that I am paying off too much karma too soon and is trying to turn that around, breaking some contracts I have with people to help them (to my detriment). His talking about past lives is curiously comforting as I can hear here is no doubt in his mind about it. So, I won’t doubt either. He wants me to start using the Budwig diet as of tomorrow (cottage cheese and flax seed oil mix), so I will, because I believe in him and because it actually tases good as well. Darn its hard to type without my ts, so I will end short here.


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