Stepping Back From My Medicine Man

Well, I guess I can’t glom onto my Medicine Man forever, even though I want to, I do so enjoy our meetings, but our eleven day stretch is over, he has given me psychic surgeries, laid his cold hands on me to heal me, pulled out dead people from within me, recognized contracts I have had with various people plus alerted me that I am living as a Laundry Lady (as he described it; my taking on other peoples emotional troubles, I can’t do that anymore.) So my last “ongoing” appointment was last Thursday and yesterday I went to him for my first update. He gave me a little more healing but declared that he felt I was in a great state and we arranged to meet in about another three weeks.

Michael Teachings Too

Medicine Man (Gary) wanted me to go to a friend of his who gives Michael readings, so I will be going to see her on Monday, that sounds like a bunch of fun. Gary believes that he knew me in a lifetime when he was Richard Burton (the explorer), so I will ask her about that, and what on earth I might be doing here.


Gary also sent me for some of this, so I searched out a really cheap place that I think I am going to like, so far I have only been once but its called Sebastopol Community Acupuncture and they charge between $20-40 a visit, and if you visit twice in a week then your second appointment is $5 less than the first appointment of the week. You can’t beat that, so I went along for my first visit, it was housed in a Queen Anne Victorian and there was the reception area along with four other rooms, one room to meet with the acupuncturist and three others each containing three lazy-boy chairs, most of them with someone in them. There were about five or six people there at the same time I was. I talked with the acupuncturist for a while then chose a chair and had my needles put in. Only about nine needles, she said that they start off with few needles to begin with. I felt a lot around the needles, some felt like bruises – my feet went a little crazy wanting to move all the time, but I have neuropathology there so I expect the chi is off so say the least. Anyway, I respect what they are providing and intend to go back regularly.

Visiting My Oncologist

Met with my Doctor for the first time in about a month. We talked a little about things, I asked him about a problem I have been having with my belly button. Its bright red and leaking greasy stuff, leaving crud behind – sorry about that. I got some antibiotic cream from the nurses which I have applied and its taken away some of the red, but it still hurts, sort of a cutting feeling, not there all the time but often enough that it bothers me. Doctor noted that it was on the site of some new growths I had across my abdomen, he felt around the belly button, which was darned sensitive, and showed me how I could feel the tumor just below the belly button (yuck – have to admit I didn’t like that.) I am hoping that it was breaking up, the doctor said the pains can come from tumors either growing or dissolving, so I am going to go with dissolving, wish that shooting pain would stop though, its like a knife thats inside me and if I move a certain way it starts cutting.  Never mind though, life is pretty good these days.

Savoy Brown Blues Band

Just wanted to add that I went to see these guys with a friend of mine, I recall them from my youth (teens).  I thought I might have a good time at this show but it was just the most.  I mean, Kim Simmonds was really on and played a lot of tracks from the new album (which I picked up at the end of the night, I think its my first Savoy Brown Blues CD), he obviously was born to play music and the show he put on on Wednesday night was magical, top form, over the top, you know what I mean.  When ever I go to see a great music show it is always apparent to me that music is a healing thing.  Know what I mean?


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