Back On Foot

Well, if its not one thing, its two.  Actually I feel pretty lucky today.  I noticed that I had lost my wallet this morning, spent what seemed like forever searching the house and retracking steps back to Johnson’s Beach.  No luck.  I eventually called in my debit card, but nothing else.  Then, around 5:30 I got a call from a guy at the beach who had found my wallet, no money of course but it was all the plastic that I was most concerned about, its such a pain to replace that all.  And I’m going flying next week and didn’t want to take along an outdated passport as ID.  Thank you homeless guy, I gave him a little something for his troubles and he was happy. 

Who Feels Healthy, I Feel Healthy

I can hardly believe it but I’ve felt relatively healthy for over  a week now.  I have thrown up about once a week, but no violent episodes.  The points on my pelvis which would always ache I haven’t felt for a while, at all.  I think this is due to my medicine man.  My oncologist is talking about trying to get me another PETScan at the end of April, but isn’t sure it would be approved (I guess there was so much cancer, there is no point to look for more.)  Anyway he is game to look and me too, I sincerely believe that something may have happened this time.  Tomorrow I will be calling my medicine man to see how he is and let him know that I should be OK for another week as indeed I think I am, he will then see me the following week for our three week follow-up.

Car Problems

Well, I’ve been driving it all over the place so I can’t complain, but I will anyway.  Poor car started shivering at 55 mph, then at 45, then got so bad I had to take it to my mechanic.  He said it was something about the CV axel, I guess it will be several hundred to repair, but repair it we must.  I have a carbon footprint to keep up here.  Have to get to Andys in Sebastapol, got to go to chemo in Santa Rosa, go to go to medicine man in Petaluma, got to visit in San Francisco.  In the meantime I though I might have to miss my show at KOWS again, but I ran into Leslie who lives uphill (or used to) and offered to lend me her car tomorrow.  So, I took up the offer, I need to get some good food from Andys, and get some more music out on KOWS.  People are so good to me.  Thanks Leslie!!!


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