A Little More Hope

Well, yesterday was pretty much both up and down. I started off the day early by heaving the bad food I had consumed (a combination of teriyaki and ice cream), out of my system.  This went on for a while. Eventually I got some rest around 3 or so, got up at 6 to do the show at KGGV, took some anti-nausea drug – under the tongue – and walked to the station. After a few minutes in the studio I started to get nauseous again and heaved three times into the bushes outside of the studio. It was a toss up whether to stay and do the show or go home and go to bed. I chose to stay, I figured I was going to go for chemo a couple of hours later so I wouldn’t get too much extra rest, anyway I might as well enjoy myself while I can.

At The Clinic

I drove to the clinic, feeling shivery and cold and told them I didn’t feel so well. Of course, they take my vitals which were wonderful – my blood pressure, temperature etc. not a problem, it doesn’t look outwardly that I am sick. But, the Nurse Practitioner got the results of the blood pull they take every time I’m at the clinic and she told me that I must be fighting something off, because my white blood cell count was very high. This is an unusual sign in my situation and a very promising one. The Nurse Practitioner suggested too that it was time I got further checked to see how my body is, she told me that my blood count figures (all of them) were wonderful. Ct scans are being ordered as they thought that it was too soon after the last PetScan to order another one (that it would take weeks to get approved) so it looks like I have a couple of ct scans in my future, but I’m excited, I think that the work my medicine man has done on me has made such a difference that I will be able to see it on the scan. Anyway the best part at the time was that I was ‘excused’ from doing chemo that day (yeah!!), but thinking back of course the best part is that my body is acting like a healthy body!!

Back To My Medicine Man

I need to touch bases with my medicine man, I’ll call him in the next few days for another follow up. I worry that his dad may have died as he was close before, however I’m looking forward to telling him that my blood work looks so good.


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