Another Chemo Session

Well, have missed a couple of chemo sessions, which is my idea of a good thing. One I missed when I went to Southern California for a family reunion, the other when I went in the following week with a normal temperature but raging white blood cells, and a raw red throat – they sent me home with antibiotics saying I must be fighting something off, but this was a really good sign as its hard for a cancer patient at this stage to produce that high level of white blood cells.

Ct Scan In My Future

My Nurse Practitioner is setting up some ct scans for me to see whats happening inside. She mentions that if I tried to get a second PetScan within such a short amount of time it would be difficult – probably taking weeks just to get a response. Somehow I wonder how much detail the ct scan will show, but I am hopeful that things have improved since last time. Even though I have occasional twinges of pain its a manageable thing.

Medicine Man

Well, I still haven’t gotten to meet with my medicine man, but his life is in chaos at the moment. Of all my healers I think that I have appreciated his work the most, but I think I need another treatment or two. Plus I need a talking to about my attitude. I’m a pretty emotional person and anger has been in my life too much recently – I read somewhere that the CDC says that 85% of illness has an emotional cause – this I can believe. I have to manage this anger and cut it out. My medicine man suggested that I join a local church (or at least try it out) I wonder if this might be a way to help ‘manage’ my mind. Hey, I got that sky blue scarf yesterday, I went to Sebastopol and the first store I went into had this loverly sky blue shiny scarf (as prescribed by my medicine man), I went up to it and saw with disappointment that it cost $25, but as it was exactly what my mm prescribed I wanted to get it. However extracting it from the display it got caught on a wooden piece and the material was pulled. I asked the woman behind the counter if they had another one the same color, no she didn’t but she suggested I try another shop up the street (how nice!) so off I trot and am astounded at the price of silk scarfs and don’t find one I could afford which is sky blue. Then back to the first shop where they sold me the scarf at half price to compensate for the imperfection! Lucky me. Now I just have to find a Virgin Mary statute at a local Catholic church to work with, per my medicine man.

Another Chemo Session

Friday came and at one thirty I presented myself for my appointment. I felt comfortable with it this time, it has been two weeks since I last had a treatment and I felt strong enough to take it, though this Erbitux seems to be pretty easy to take. Had a short meeting with my Nurse Practitioner, my figures are all ‘great’ and my CEA is about 16 which is good because, if I recall, 6 is about top of normal. It was pretty boring, just sitting in the lazy boy chair for what ended up being 3-1/2 hours, but I didn’t vomit that night, I didn’t feel too bad at all and this is a wonderful thing, because I know how horrific the chemo can get.


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