Going Back To Church And Coming Back To Health

Its Monday, Memorial Day, today. Yesterday I went to the Community Church for the first time, for several reasons. My medicine man suggested I join a church, the church has been praying for me for a year and I thought its time I acknowledged that. I got up and walked Simon on the beach, and along to Pat’s Restaurant where he gets his almost daily treats, I felt a bit better but it still hurt when I walked on an uneven surface, naturally enough. I went to Pat’s for breakfast, I had hardly eaten for three days so I needed something, ordered fruit and bagel, but couldn’t manage the bagel. Fortunately Peter from the station popped by and ate with me, updated me on ‘stuff going on’ I enjoyed the company.

Made it to Church

Well, thought I might feel just too feeble to make it to church, but actually I did OK. I walked to Church, well almost all the way, another radio DJ and church member stopped to give me a ride, meeting lots of angels on my journey. I got there a little early and talked with Beth and other people new to me. I was nervous but it was a sweet experience. There were hymns to sing that I didn’t know the tunes to, but it was fun singing, then a reading, then we stand up, move around and introduce ourselves around, then down in our seats for a talk and another reading. And at times the congregation would talk back. Well, I’m probably describing that wrongly, but anyway I enjoyed it and plan to go back. Afterwards there is food prepared, taken in turns by the congregation I understand (oops that means me someday!). I had a great time but left after lunch as I was starting to feel lightheaded. Beth dropped by to give me some flowers later, they are beautiful and sit in my living room as I type looking magnificent.

Feeling Better

This morning I felt a bit better, I had to take some meds last night as the pain woke me up and wouldn’t leave. But so far its 9:30 and no need for meds so I am grateful for that. Today I start the liver cleanse that goes with taking the oleander. The first few days are easy, I just drink a liter of apple juice in addition to my regular diet, there is epson salts later on – not as delicious but will cross that bridge later.


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