Getting That Liver Cleansed

Well, before I start on the Oleander I had to do the liver cleanse. The first three days all I had to do was drink an extra litre of apple juice, then the fourth day I didn’t eat after noon, and took epsom salts, later on I had to drink a mix of olive oil and organic grapefruit juice. I expected some violent reaction, but nothing like that at all. In fact I hardly noticed anything, but anyway I’m glad I’m cleansed. The epsom salts were pretty gross to drink, I thought the grapefruit juice with the olive oil would be worse, but it wasn’t

Pains Are Less

So, I’ve been trying to take the high path as regards my eating. Having noticed that when I eat food that is not too good I get pains. I tend to have a big breakfast these days as that is when I am hungry. I have to work on some of the other things the doctor (who makes the oleander) recommends. Lower stress, get rid of old resentments, drink plenty of water, eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, get to bed before 10:30, plenty of sunshine and exercise. I am just hoping that this works for me. Lets cross fingers.

The Marijuana Man

I think that is what he called himself. In my never ending pursuit of the latest in cancer research I heard about Hemp Oil (not Hemp Seed Oil) which can cure cancer. Even Andrew Weil recommends it, but the federal authorities don’t, so the guy who promoted this (there is a video about this on you tube showing how to make the mixture) got fined and closed down. He said though that a 90 day supply would be enough to cure any cancer. That 90 supply still costs $2000, which is cheap though in cancer-dollars. If this is true and it can cure cancer then its pretty wicked of the authorities to hide that from us.


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