Getting Better All The Time

Well, thats what it feels like anyway.  Getting better, today is Saturday morning and I’ve already been out to Pat’s to eat.  Love going to Pat’s for breakfast, ordered the poached eggs with toast and a little fruit.  This is good for me but it was hard to eat it all, Simon got most of the toast but I ate the rest.  The pain seems like its gone for good now, but the nausea and body malfunctions remain so this Monday I am going to go to the Health Center and see what they think. 

Share The Care

This group has been an incredible boon to me and I think the main reason I am feeling better now.  Thanks to my Share the Care group my house is clean, my laundry is washed, there is cooked food in the fridge for me to eat and Simon gets walked, plus the extra time I spend with people, that alone has given me immense strength.  I am incredibly lucky to be this person receiving this help, incredibly.

Chemo Off Again

Well, I went off for my weekly chemo on Friday but when I got there the nurse said that because I had requested Hospice care that I couldn’t do chemo too.  Well, that threw me for a loop for a few moments until I realized that earlier this week there had been a meeting to organize my ‘final wishes’ about my care.  At the meeting Hospice had been mentioned and I guess people had followed up by contacting hospice, but to do this they had to talk to my doctor, who signed off on the hospice care!  Well, my wish had been granted, out of chemo for another week.  We spoke to a nurse about the situation and it was decided I would out of chemo this week, speak with hospice, then maybe let hospice know its too early for me (if, indeed it is) and go back to chemo next week. 

Went out to eat Kung Pao Chicken after the cancelled chemo, it tasted great.  Maybe I shouldn’t have though as it came back later in the evening.  Wonder why the pain has gone but the nausea remains? 


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  1. Dee Alejo on

    Just saw your blog about Naltrexone and wondering about anyone on it for cancer. I run the yahoo group ( Main group as LDN FOR cancer is a copy group)

    The links section is beneficial:

    I was told I am terminal Feb 5th 2007 ( 4 -9 months) and started on Low dose Naltrexone Feb 12 2007 and have been on it for 18 months and doing great.

    I can not stress how important LDN is to the cancer fight so hope our site help you and if you need any questions answered many of the members are very proactive.

    Be well,


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