Christine Lowry

Christine Lowry
Christine Lowry
Jan. 29, 1953 – Sept. 29, 2008

Christine Lowry passed away peacefully at 5:50am on Monday September 29. Her brother John was with her when she died. John had been living with her and taking care of Christine for the last three months.

Christine fought a 3+ year battle with colon cancer. She underwent several rounds of chemo as well as radiation. She wanted to get well and she wanted to live. She started this blog to reach out to other people who also have cancer and pass along information that would help.

Although Christine made a living as a legal secretary, her true passion was music and radio. She worked in college radio in the late ’70’s – ’80’s at KALX at UC Berkeley, and KUSF at University of San Francisco. More recently she was on the air at KGGV in Guerneville as well as KOWS in Occidental. She also spent some time as a silversmith, had a keen interest in astrology and tarot.

Christine was a good friend of mine for the last 28 years and I miss her terribly.

A memorial service will be held for her at the Guerneville Community Church, Armstrong Woods Road (home of KGGV) at 4 P.M. on Tuesday, October 7th. The service will be followed by a remembrance celebration with her family and friends.

If you were a friend of or knew Christine, please feel free to post a comment and share some of your memories.



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  1. echoesblog on

    I’m a bit surprised to be the first one in here. I’m sure Christine would be surprised as well. Christine worked for me as Assistant Music Director of KALX in Berkeley in 1980-1981. I’ll always remember her for her passion for music, but more than that, her integrity. She was never less than honest in her opinions and never less than tenacious in the positions she held and the beliefs she cherished. I haven’t seen Christine in 27 years, but from what I’ve heard about her life, reading her blog entries, and Vidya’s lovely eulogy, it seems like nothing changed. Safe journey, Christine.
    -John Diliberto

  2. audiovidya on

    John, thank you for comments. You’re right, Christine always spoke up for what she believed in and never wavered from that.

    Here are some other comments some of her old KALX colleagues sent to me:

    “I didn’t stay in contact with her but will always remember her wonderful accent, her free-spiritedness and her love for dub reggae.”
    – Hilary

    “I kinda wish I’d known, Karen and I spent lots of time with Chris and Johnny Myers back when they were a couple. We had consecutive Saturday day shows, so it would be one continuous hangout. She and John and I also had great fun producing some carts, I recall one where these pre-teenagers are hanging out and Chris enters partway through as the adult girlfriend of one. The others are a bit taken aback. I will miss her.”
    – Ron

    “I wasn’t that close to Christine, but after reading your note & visiting her blog, it brought back a lot of good (but blurry) memories. She was a hell of a good DJ.”
    – Pat

    “May Christine rest in peace.” – Craig

  3. Lisa Peterson on

    I came to know Christine first as a customer at the Coffee Bazaar, and then as a neighbor on the hill. She & my husband, Scott, had an instant connection..they recognized the Survivor in each other. Christine honored us last year by walking with Scott in the Survivor Lap in the Relay for Life. I have a wonderful pic of the two of them. Christine smiling that wonderful smile of hers. This year Scott walked alone, but Christine was in our minds that day, as she is even now. I wish I’d known her better. But, I will always think of her as a Survivor. Her battle may be over, but she will Survive in the hearts & minds of those who loved her and those whose lives she touched. To her family & friends, our hearts are with you. Scott & Lisa

  4. Johnny Savage on

    Here’s my neat memory of Christine.

    It was her last shift at KALX — she was moving to SF and was going to DJ at KUSF. I wanted to pull something from the library appropos for the occasion; I chose a 1972 recording of Kui Lee’s “I’ll Remember You,” taped live at Madison Square Garden by Elvis Presley. If you heard her program, Elvis wasn’t necessarily her thing, but she kindly indulged me.

    When Christine was leaving, I wished her luck, and she thanked me for the selection. Then she kissed me, and walked out the door.

    That’s the last time I saw her, but I’ll always remember how special she made that moment.

  5. marshall stax on

    Christine always had a ready smile and warmth – always very friendly to me and everyone around her… beautiful voice and a beautiful person. I’m very saddened to learn of her passing… R.I.P.

  6. Nancy Fox on

    Christine was a wonderful person. I was with her when she was sworn in for her dual citizenship so many years ago. We spent a lot of time together and she was inspiringly calm and pleasant. She had the greatest radio voice. Her love of music was boundless. She was always doing something interesting. It seems unreal to think she is gone. Good-bye, Christine.

  7. Hilary Yothers on

    I am deeply saddened by the passing of Christine. She was a one in a million gem, a genuinely sweet and loving person. She became my friend while I worked at KALX and we went to shows, hung around and I used to stay at her place in SF when it was too late to take bart. At one point she was living at Subterranean Records in the mission and I would stay in the attic of this small storefront with her.
    She was so tall and some of my friends (boys) would ask who was the mysterious beautiful tall blond woman that was at all of the shows.
    I was standing next to her when she had to duck from the swinging guitar at the Misfit’s show that later caused a huge outcry from the Berkeley Punk scene when it hit a kid and they sued the Misfit’s. (The Misfit’s said they would never play in SF again.)
    She had a beautiful spirit and I hope wherever she is, she is in peace.

  8. Michael J. Walsh on

    This comes as a terrible and sad shock to me. I moved to Berkeley in 1975 and moved into the Carlton Hotel on Telegraph Ave., with her and John Paul Price. She was working the front desk at the time. In the year we spent together I really fell in love with Christine but she never knew it. We used to have such wild times that year, every day was a party and an adventure and we thought it would never end. After a year I came back to Chicago…she kissed me goodbye when I got on a Greyhound bus and I had a hard time not losing it. I had planned to come back to CA to stay shortly afterwards but never did. We did talk and write, but I only saw her once more around 1988 when I came out west. We spent a couple of days together talking about the strange Berkeley days and people we met, partied with or just came across. In one year, I could write a book on a dozen Christine stories that just make me laugh. I wish I would have known. I wish I could have talked to her one last time. Sleep well Christine. You were so beautiful and loving. I will always cherish our friendship, memories, and laughs. Sweet Dreams. Love Michael xoxo

  9. Michael Walsh on

    Goodnight Christine,
    I will always remember our crazy year at the Carlton Hotel and Telegraph Avenue in 1975. You’ve touched so many people and will forever be in my thoughts. You were so beautiful, funny and sweet to be around. That was one of my favorite years and I think of it often. Sweet Dreams. Michael

  10. Jeffrey on

    I too only knew christine about two years…and they were towards the end of her physical life. She is a soul of sweetness and an excitement lover of life and all that gives affirmation of life’s gifts. May we continue to let her inspire us to be the same as she.


  11. Damien on

    It’s nice to read people’s rememberances of my dear pal Christine on this anniversary of her passing.I didn’t know her for long,but she was a big influence on me and I have many anecdotes,laughs and bittersweet memories to recall the times during which she brightened our lives.
    I’m still weary and more than a wee bit emotional after sharing a two hour radio tribute to her last night (featuring many of her favorites and few recent blasts I’m sure she’d have appreciated…)-then I awoke early to add a few little quips along with the morning show hosts as they too shared recollections of her trailblazing adventures in (and beyond) the radio spectrum.
    We keep a small garden just outside our community radio studio in her honour and I built a small stone firepit to add to the good vibes and celebrate the rich life with which we here in Sonoma County are so blessed.I daresay that we are unique in having public access media,fresh flowers and tomatoes,a crackling campfire, native bird habitat and inviting shaded benches…not many (any?)Clear Channel stations can boast about dat! One of the rabbit sculptures from her yard stands sentinel over the potatoes I planted after they sprouted in her refrigerator(!?!) life goes on. Simon passed away recently-fortunate enough to spend his last days frolicking on a 40 acre ranch in rural Mendocino.I’ll always remember his reluctance to leave her side when she was bedridden,even with bribes of buiscuts and assertive tugs on his collar he had little desire to go roam the hillsides with this overgrown kid.I called him “the English gentleman in Dog’s clothing” and I’ll always love him dearly.
    Christine Lowry was one of a kind.Even in the face of her terminal illness she managed to bring smiles with her dry wit and inspired critical thought through her compassionate rebel spirit.I carry on in her honour.
    (among many,many other memorials and tributes I feel quite fortunate to have presented the final posthumous installment of “the Alchemy Lab” on KOWS fm,whre she is also dearly missed.

    I’d welcome any of her friends to contact me,I’d enjoy hearing more tales of her heyday-especially if anyone knows of recordings of her various radio productions,please let me know.I wear her KUSF jacket proudly and regularly do my best to keep the airwaves interesting in our neck of the redwoods.
    Our friend is gone,but the spirit,vision and sonic legacy continues on. cheers,DJD.

  12. Scott on

    I worked with Christine at a law firm in San Francisco. She was a star legal secretary and always in demand. Most of all, I enjoyed her dry wit and her ability to diffuse stressful situations with a smile and a joke. I am late in discovering this sad news of her passing when I found this blog in a search. Thank you to her friends and family for maintaining this blog and giving me an outlet to express my sorrow. One other memory that stands out was her tenacious fight against the drug dealers in West Berkeley. She filled me in every day with stories about how she would stand up to their threats and torments. But she would not back down. Eventually she won and got the neighborhood cleaned up. Way to go!! I miss you.

  13. Linda Champagne on

    OK – Hilary just told me about Christine’s passing and it really took me by surprise. I had no idea this great, funny, bubbly woman was suffering from this horrid disease!

    I worked at KUSF with her in the late 80s. The station had a 30th Anniversary celebration sometime during the summer of 2007 I believe – so, sounds like that event may have been just before she was diagnosed? I don’t remember her talking about it – but I do remember her talking about working at Guerneville station. And I think we talked about trying to get together up there sometime…but we never made it happen.

    Well, damn. There have been so many times that I thought I needed to re-connect with her. She had a great sense of humor and so much fun to be around.

    It’s a little too late to say this, but I miss you Christine. It was lovely to see you at the KUSF reunion. Keep rockin’ up there.

  14. Robert Schaaf on

    Christine I know you’re feeling all our vibes. You were so good to me when I was at my worst. When you were dying and I called, I knew it but couldnt stand it, and when I said I’d had so much bad news and couldnt stand anymore, you turned the subject and never mentioned a word. I so wish you were here now. Do you remember how you turned your room into a lovely green forest? until the landlady came and visited:) and when we got locked out after a show and spent the night in Francis’ ’53 Packard? what a laugh! I miss you.

  15. Robert A. Regensburg on

    It has been almost 35 years now when I was at Mabuhay on an early December night in 1978. You stood next to me and we both looked at each other at the same time. You smiled with your lips but your beautiful eyes also smiled too. You made me feel at ease and I thought of all the guys here tonight you chose me. You told me your name was Chris and we were inseparable for the next 5 wonderful days. I was moving back to New York and you saw me off at the bus station. I thought of you the whole way back to New York. My 5 days with you back then have always been kept in that little gold box in my mind my whole life. Christine, even thought we only knew each other for 5 days, you wrote to me for the next 5 years. (I have kept all of those letters). We talked about getting together one day again but all we were able to do was to meet once at Kennedy Airport when you had 3 hours wait for a connecting flight. I will always remember those 3 sweet hours. Eventually our lives took us in different directions but I always thought of you and the sweet, passionate, beautiful and articulate woman that I knew. I have searched the internet for years typing” Chris Lowry”. It wasn’t until yesterday that I thought “Why not try ‘Christine Lowry’ for once”. Finally I found you but unfortunately you left us. Christine, I wish I could have said Goodbye to you and let you know how much you meant to me. I am grieving now and I will always keep you in my memory for the rest of my days here.
    Robert A. Regensburg

  16. Aaron on

    Christine was an incredibly supportive adult to me at a time, and in a way, that made a huge difference in my life. She acted almost like a godmother, though we had no family ties–besides the KALX family, that is.
    I was 13 and putting out a magazine, but I kept it a secret from my parents. Christine offered to let me use her P.O. box to receive mail. Eventually, more mail came for me than for her, so she turned over the keys. Thirty-two years later, I still have that same Berkeley P.O. box which used to be hers.
    I only wish I had been able to know Chris as an adult. But it’s been nice to read these comments and get to know more about her life after the fact. I’ve never posted on a message board before, but something made me think of her tonight and wonder if what I’d heard–that she had passed away–was right.
    Aaron Cometbus

  17. Robert Regensburg on

    I think about you and remember the short time I knew you. The time we met at Mabuhay and I moved back to NY shortly after. I knew that you were someone special and I still have your letters from Spain. You truly were a gem who was taken way too early.

  18. Robert Schaaf on

    Christine, Lula threw a great thanksgiving party. Lula was busy for two weeks getting it all fixed up. We sure do miss you. xxx

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