About Me – Christine on Cancer

This blog is a place for people to share information about experiences using various treatments for cancer.  I don’t want to make a list of alternative treatments; I want to hear from people who have tried these treatments so we can get useful feedback, both positive and negative.  

My background of being a legal secretary gives me zero experience in the medical field and understanding medical terminology has been a big barrier for me.  I don’t think there is any way to completely avoid medical terminology but I want to keep it to a minumum on this site.   What I want to hear is what people have taken, whether they noticed any results, or noticed any side effects, how fast it worked, how much it cost them. etc.

I found it frightening navigating around the internet trying to find alternative treatments to chemo (or even finding out how my own chemo worked).  It seemed that there are a lot of ‘miracles’ out there, some of which actually might be and others definitely aren’t.  If we can find enough people to tell their experiences we might actually learn something.  So if you know others with cancer (and I know you do) tell them about this site and ask them to write here about their treatment and its success/failure. 

I will write about the choices I am making and will add side-categories to describe certain supplements I have tried and my experience with them, but I want to welcome the experiences of others so that we can have more information to make informed decisions about our healthcare.  Anyway its a big task and here’s hoping it works well, because there is a need for it.

My story goes like this:  My name is Christine Lowry, I am 54 years old and at the age of 52 I was diagnosed with stage 3b colon cancer.  

I had surgery in June 2005, followed by chemotherapy (Folfox I think),  but three months after the chemo ended my cancer came back.  This time the cancer was in a 5-1/2 inch cyst in my pelvis, it was suspected that it grew during the chemo.  We found a surgeon who could cut it out (Dr. Garcia-Aguilar, thank you doctor) and after surgery (June 2006) I went through radiation; 5 days a week for 6 weeks, along with oral chemo (Xeloda.)  About four months after the radiation I started having pains and the cancer was found to have spread to my liver and probably lungs too.  This led to a third chemo series, which I started in August. 

My other two chemo series I managed OK, I mean it wasn’t fun or anything, but it wasn’t too debilitating, however I didn’t handle this third chemo well and felt my body staring to shut down so I asked my doctor to ‘pause’ the chemo while I researched other options.  My doctor was very cooperative, but I am not ‘curable’ in the eyes of the regular medical establishment, so we really have nothing to lose. 

My first move took me to Daniel Dunphy, PA-C who I went to for alternative care.  Daniel recommended a Dr. Slavin in Israel who is doing cutting edge research on using immunology techniques to treat cancer.  This is who I am trying to reach out to now.  I have emailed the doctor and am in the process of arranging a consult to see if I can be treated by him.  Wish me luck.

Anyway this is the condensed version of About Me, I am sure I will be adding to this page to tell you more about me, as its one of my favorite subjects.  Remember though that we are here to share about treatments for cancer to try and clear up what works and what doesn’t, so basically that is what I am about right now. 


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  1. tbirdfrank on

    Hello Christine,

    I am so sorry that you have been going through this hell with colon cancer. I am somewhat well versed on alternative care and treatment and happen to have an “alternative” primary care provider who is excellent and who treats a lot of cancer patients. I really trust her and the clinic she is part of and will talk to her about your situation. I know that they do something called I.V. therapy for cancer patients which involves using massive amounts of particular vitamins, and minerals. I will find out their success rate and discuss your particular situation with her.
    I wish we were rich and I would mail you a ton of money! If you get a go ahead from the doctor in Israel we will at least contribute what we can.
    Of course you will be in our hearts and prayers.
    I hate to mention something incidental but I read a book about coral calcium and its considerable effectiveness with
    with treating cancer. You might want to google it.
    Let me know what you find most supportive at this time. Do you like getting calls? E-mail?
    Much love and HEALING, Lisa Van Buskirk aka Kay Sera

  2. brokenman on

    hi christine. i’m lex and i have leukemia. just finished my 3rd round of chemo and i’m praying for complete remission this time. i’ll be praying for you. take care. God bless.

  3. bibomedia on

    Have a nice day !

  4. Scott Stevens on

    Dear Christine,

    There is a local doctor here in Petaluma named Brian Bouche. Dr. Bouche is at the Hill Park Clinic and a in my opinion, a healer.

    You might che3ck in to the Optimum Health Institute in the San Diego area as they have had considerable success in treating cancer patients.

    God bless you are definitely in my prayers and that works too.

  5. alex on

    Dear Christine,
    First I hope you feel better and better and it will be permanent.
    I’ve got multiple myeloma and I wander if dr S.Slavin could consult my results/treatment.
    He visited Poland three years ago but today I am not
    sure about his present email. I will be very grateful for sending me this contact and maybe some
    information about cost of consulting/treatment.

  6. gerald scheer on

    i was treated by dr slavin in israel his current email address isslavinMD@gmail,com i also had colon cancer. please contact me if you need anything further jerry scheer

  7. Lou Toby on

    Hi, My daughter was treated by Prof. Slavin for stage 3C breast cancer. She had a half match transplant where I was the doner. The treatment was a sucess but during the stage where her immune system was down for the transplant the cancer grew very rapidly in her liver(she had a 2 cm spot to start out with) and even though her “new” immune system began to work on killing the cancer it had spread too fast to prevent her passing from the liver failure. The new Prof. who is in charge of the bone marrow transplant center in at Haddassa Ein Kerem is Prof. Reuven Or Here is the link to his page. http://www.hadassah.org.il/English/Eng_SubNavBar/TheDoctors/orreuven.htm

    Prof. Slavin was working with the American treatment Centers for Cancer in Zion, Il at little north of Chicago setting up a bone marrow transplant center there so the half match transplants could be done in this country. In Oct. 2005 there was just a hole in the ground where they were going to build the center. It may be done now and you can save yourself the efort of travel to Jerusalem or Tel-Aviv for treatment. If you can’t get treatment here and have to go to Isreal I can offer suggestions on where to stay and who to connect with while you and your companion are there.

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