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That Darned Pain

Well, it seems like the pain might be toning down a bit, but I’m not sure. Today I took about four droppers full of morphine, and still I felt twinges. I wanted to go to the Strawberry Festival that KGGV put on today, its a major event for us and I didn’t even volunteer to help prepare (because I’m feeling sick so much of the time these days) I got up and took a quick walk with Simon this morning. He made the walk short himself, he just turned around and pulled me back home. ‘

I lay around with the computer for a while, around noon I thought I was ready to go to the festival so I walked on down, I made it about a block, I had to lean against the library to compose myself I was in such pain. So I put it off for a while, went back home, lay down, then did some more morphine which did the trick as far as giving me the confidence that I could make it to the festival.

The Strawberry Festival

There was a live broadcast going on which sounded great, very good recordings to whomever set that up. Blues Daddys, Thugz, Peggy Day and the Gypsy Nights, Midnight Ramblers, KGGV All Stars and a trio who were incredibly good and in fact a sextet from someone’s description Greg Hessler I think. And an accordionist who played between sets and was a blast. I made it there at around 4 thirty I think. I shuffled over to the chocolate fountain looking at it lovingly but remembering the mantra “cancer loves sugar” well, that took care of most of the food, but I grabbed myself a few sticks of strawberry kabobs and ate them unadulterated which was fabulous, all organic too, the local health store Food for Humans donated all the strawberrys – thank you Food for Humans. Everyone looked to be having the greatest time, including me even though I did feel twice removed because of the morphine I expect. Got a photo from the Ranger of me holding the reins of some fleeing horses in our Wild West flashback photo stand. I will treasure that.

I spoke to Hunter while I was there. Hunter hosts a show at KGGV about dealing with aids, excellent show. Hunter and I talked about the Mr. Leather contest he attended in Chicago. He came in 23rd in the WORLD. Hunter is 63 but they had the audacity to ask him whether he had a problem communicating with the youngsters out there. What a strange question and it says a lot about the guy asking it. I’m quite sure that Hunter could have spoken to the youngest contestant there about leather alone for 40 mins no problem. Anyway YAY to you Hunter and for speaking out for all 63 y.o.s (how ancient). Spent some time with Robert also at the festival, we talked about the meeting coming up for me – the meeting will be on Monday evening and everyone that wants to be part of the organization to support me who can be there will be there. Robert was telling me that physically he can’t make it, but reassuring me that he will be part of the group. Definitely Robert has been the person in Guerneville that I have been calling when I want someone to do things with. Thanks Robert.


There it is again, thats how it is with me too . . . sometimes nothing then ouch ouch ouch, sometimes I scream what the heck, stop it stop it stop it. And then it goes away. Or I hope it does, sometimes it stays around for hours on end. It seems like weeks now that I have been dealing with this pain and I don’t like that. I doesn’t sound like gas to me but might be some digestive upset. I was going to ask my doctors about it but I slept through my chemo appointment on Friday (I lay down around ten fortyfive a.m. and woke up around five in the evening) It seems that any day after taking the morphine I am sleepy all the time. I don’t like this as its not healthy but I can’t move around with this pain anyway. I think on Monday I should go to my local general doctor and see if I can get a test for a urinary tract infection or something that might explain whats going on in my insides.


Working on that Gas

Well, another day with quite a bit of pain in it. Maybe I asked for it at first, I drove down to Monte Rio to have breakfast at a cheap breakfast place I go to sometimes. I didn’t eat too much; eggs and toast essentially, gave the rest to Simon (dog). Had an orange juice too, that was GOOD. Afterwards I walked with Simon on Monte Rio beach, that was nice – there were many ducks around and Simon behaved himself by not chasing any of them.

Well, so far no pain, just a bruised feeling left over from last night. After breakfast I dropped into Safeway and bought myself some Gas-X. It took a few hours before pain of any amount came on so at that point I took the Gas-X, I mean if this is caused by gas then I would be stupid not to try and get rid of it the easy way I took a dose of 2 capsules (their daily limit) but noticed no difference. Over the next hour I took another one but it made no difference, I ended up taking 4 but by then I had taken so much morphine and smoked more joints so who knows about any difference it might have made.

Morphine Dosage

So I was at the point where I was hurting, feeling pissed off and desperate and reached for the morphine. I took two droppers full which should have been more than one dose. No effect, this is pretty frightening, when the pain killers don’t work you know you are in for a bumpy ride. I rolled another joint, that helped a little – sometimes I think its the ritual – but still I returned for more morphine and now am, while not in pain, in discomfort. I am trying not to lie down so much either, I think it makes me more nauseous. What keeps me going with this though is them telling me it wasn’t caused by my cancer (because the tumors aren’t where the pain is.) I have a feeling this pain might be connected to my belly button problem.

Plans for the Meeting

Beth called me again and we went over more about the meeting to come (where everyone who agreed to help me as my sickness progresses gathers together to meet for the first and only time.) It will be held in a room in a resort in town, the Dawn Roadhouse I think.

I am so looking forward to this meeting, I feel like I am just arriving at Guerneville for the first time and have the chance to meet all those people that I have, to date, only seen. Vidya might be able to attend telephonically (its a 90 min drive from the Bay Area!) so it looks like things will just fall into place, I hope so anyway for Beth’s sake. Beth is going through some stresses of her own too, with family moving in with her, so prayers for Beth who has been my guardian angel through this.

Community Church

Well, I’m still going to the Church, and feel very comfortable there. I wish I knew the tunes to some of the hymns but thats my only complaint! It is a nice experience to go there, sing hymns, listen to the sermon, hug and introduce myself to other members and afterwards we all eat a meal which another church member brings! It’s very loving and very down to earth. Last week I took my meal and sat by the KGGV garden which Peter and Damien and others have been lovingly tending. I love gardens, don’t you?

Good News for Me – I Think

Well, Thursday came around and I was to meet with my nurse practitioner and afterwards my doctor. I was told that he would be talking about a new kind of chemo and perhaps pain management. So, I arrive at the oncologist and they have no record of an appointment for me. Well, it was last minute, it was only arranged yesterday I told them (they send me over to scheduling.) Scheduling thought it sounded suspicious and assured me that I wouldn’t see both my nurse and doctor. Well . . . So, I waited and waited and after about 30 minutes I was brought into one of the little cubicles they sit you in. Had my blood pressure taken: 100/60 sheesh a little low I think, but good enough to get me here. Temp is OK, oxigination is Ok, weight is lower at 143lbs.

Nice Surprize

So after all that I wait a little and along comes my nurse practitioner. She seems happy and says she doesn’t understand why they have called me in for a special appointment because the ct scan results are good (then why didn’t they give them to me sooner than 6 days after they were available?) Anyway, it seems there has been ‘growth’ but very very small so this is actually good. Maybe now it will slow to a halt, then reverse and just go away. I asked about the pain, which has been enduring, excruciating and frightening. My nurse thought that my pain wasn’t caused by my tumors (because the liver hasn’t pain receptors, which is strange as the doctor told me in February that my pains back then were probably from a tumor growing into a nerve ending in the liver.) I don’t want to argue so I didn’t, she then said that it actually could be gas, which can be incredibly painful, but for days on end? I guess with the damage to the colon and the whole system there it wouldn’t be too unlikely that I could end up having bad gas problems. Anyway, I took it under consideration, went out and celebrated with a dish I shouldn’t have had – orange sesame chicken. It tasted delicious but I threw it up when I got back home. Should know better than to eat meat, its funny but I’ve never liked meat and I have never craved it as much as I have going through some of this chemo.

KOWS Meeting

Saturday brought the next KOWS meeting, 11 a.m., it was a potluck, which means a trip to Safeway in my case, I really should learn to cook. There are three starter meetings, I guess we couldn’t agree on a date and chose three equally! Ha, that bodes interesting times at future meetings. I make it through two hours of the meeting with my stomach making comment after comment:  growl, whine, growl, growl, and then my ‘gas pains’ or whatever kicked in and I had to excuse myself, all doubled over tippy toeing out of there gently so I wouldn’t throw up inside. And, I made it most of the way up the driveway before the vomit came again, but safely on the gravel and around the rose bushes, I hope they (the roses) didn’t mind. Hope people don’t think I am rude for shuffling out so early (we were only about a quarter of the way through the agenda). There are some amazingly talented people at KOWS and I look forward to getting to know them. I really want to go to tomorrow’s meeting also, especially as Jeffrey Weisman is going to be there, it would be nice to see him. But I have an offer of a dog walking adventure out at the coast with Noel from KGGV and that sounds great.

KGGV and Beth’s Wonderful Offer

Beth (KGGV’s station manager) came by my home the other day and offered to set up a system for me, so that should I need help I can get it. I was amazed and it seems that many people have offered to help out and join a team which Beth is putting together, mostly people from KGGV and the Community Church. Beth wants me to reach people I know who would like to be part of this, I find this hard but I started off by asking Donna who works at Pat’s Restaurant, my breakfast dive, and has offered before to give me a ride should I need one to chemo. I asked Donna if she would like to be part of my team and she said yes with enthusiasm!! Well, that was easy but I am having trouble going forward from there. I have to learn how to do these things if I want to get better because I have to open my eyes to how wonderful life really is and can be, and meeting all the wonderful people who are willing to help me is bound to do that. This is exciting for me, I think there will be one big meeting with everyone next Thursday and after that there is a system set up and it all goes ‘automatically.’  I slept well that night and woke feeling wonderful and cared for.  What more could you ask for.

In Support Home Sevices

At my last doctors visit I asked the nurse practitioner about getting a caretaker as I at least would be going to need someone to drive me to and from my chemo and stay around as I went through my reaction to it. Cook some food, try to force me to eat it, something like that, just around the times of the infusions. So I called them up and it must have been meant to be because it went as smoothly as silk, although the process itself will prove to be as slow as molasses.

So, I am to expect a call in two weeks about making an appointment so that they can see my space and then they make the final call on whether I get it or not. I can choose people I know to do the work, that sounded great, they pay $10.50 p.h., not so great but at least something. And, I think they cover up to 70 hours a month.

First In The Next Series of Chemo

Well, here it was, Tuesday and no ignoring it, as soon as I finished my show on KGGV I ran to my car and drove to Santa Rosa trying to tell myself that I was going for something that was good for me (maybe I will be able to do five radio shows instead of just four), but really was frightened, of the nausea that would rack me.

So, I go in, get my blood pulled and sat onto the recliner where I was hooked up and the run down of what was to come was started. Of course first was the pre-pre-meds, then the Erbitux which would take about two hours to drip into me, after the Erbitux was to come something grusome sounding Camptosar with 5FU-LV. Anyway I got nausea about a hour after it all started and threw up, but thankfully everyone got amble warning and no mess was caused. They have this little contraption they give you to hurl into, its a long blue accordian tube which you hold up to your mouth, it works really well. I felt better after that (as well as looking at my vomit and seeing it wasn’t at all black). And the rest of the hours passed by with the only incident being that I became pissed off because I was told the infusion would last 4 hours and instead it took 6-1/2 hours! I got most of the way through that book I mentioned before Initiation (by Elisabeth Haich) and I really like it, much about reincarnation and the nature of spirit. Good stuff to read at any time of your life, but especially for me now.

After Chemo How Will It Affect Me This Time?

I had been told during my 6-1/2 hour visit that the acne that I should expect is going to be a lot more drastic than I am expecting, and not to pop my pimples as they wouldn’t respond like regular pimples and I’ll make a miserable sight of my face. Well, this is going to be special. I drive the 45 minutes home with no problems, no real nausea, feeling comfortable. However I’ve been through this before and knew a sudden stream of vomit could arrive at any minute. I went looking for something to eat and settled on sweet and sour chicken over rice. Don’t know why, I shouldn’t be eating sweet dishes because Cancer loves sugar. Anyway made it through about two or three mouthfuls but couldn’t manage any more, so Simon got to enjoy it. I drank my Xango and made myself comfortable at home, I did take one anti-nausea pill and felt just fine all night long. In the morning I woke at 3 and took one anti-nausea pill, later I woke again at 6, took another anti-nausea pill and went off to do my show, which I enjoyed, perhaps because I felt so much better than I had feared. While I walked back from the station after the show I started feeling strong pains in my side so then I took a pain pill, but that is all and I feel normal, not nauseated and very happy about it.

Back to School

Well, Friday came around and time for my next ‘chemo teach’ session. This is my fourth – it wasn’t my favorite, though I’m not sure I remember the other three. I felt pretty awful that morning, I had done my show from 7-9 a.m. and immediately upon leaving the studio I threw up (notice my body waited until the show was over, radio really is therapy for me). The night before I had thrown up six times, but that was after I took the morphine. It seems that the pains are not going away as I thought, they are not there all the time but enough that it is interrupting my life. The morphine didn’t seem to have any additional effect to the Endocet, but maybe in time I will change my mind about that. Anyway, back to the meeting with the nurse.

I felt like ****, was cold and hot, like a 300-year-old woman (or thing), and pain was coming over me in waves. A nurse gave me a blanket to cover me while I was cold, then the nurse practitioner came in. So, most of the stuff had already been covered. But we had to cover the side effects, which in this case was acne, they even had photos of someones acne to show as an example. It didn’t look too bad, it actually made me laugh looking at it, I thought of people in a plastic surgeons office getting their pictures of perky breasts and younger faces and the oncologists patients getting pictures of bald and acned people, well I thought it was funny.

However its the nausea I have trouble with, it scares me throwing up when I live alone, I am more afraid of dying choking on my own vomit than dying of cancer. It seems some of the nausea drugs make me sick, but medical personnel tell me ‘no way.’ Anyway I look at the photos of the acne and ask the nurse if I can’t have a shorter infusion rather than the four hour one they have set up. “Oh, that so that the Erbitux can go in, it has to be put in slowly (like the Avastin I had last time), and in time that will be quicker – if you don’t react adversely to it”. Well, in that case I will not react adversely to it. Also she said something about seeing me every week. (Note to self, follow up on this.)

OK so I lose the bid to get a short infusion. I’m trying to take control of my health and ask all the right questions so the next one I ask is – (and this is difficult because you are sort of confronting the authority figures) – well I saw Erbitux’s own website and they said it doesn’t extend life, so whats the point, what will it do? Nurse was nice about it and said something I don’t recall clearly and also that it makes tumors smaller which makes people more comfortable but they don’t know if it prolongs life (this I don’t understand, if the tumors are getting smaller why wouldn’t that extend life, theres stuff I don’t know here). So, shrinking tumors sounded good enough to shut me up, mine hurts me so much now I will go through chemo to stop it! I would have asked more questions if I was feeling like a human being, but I feel pretty proud I at least got those questions and comments out, have to make sure I feel in control of all my health care.

Real Help

So, the last time I saw my doctor I asked him about caretakers and whether he had to sign off on getting one, as I know with Medicare/Medical someone is going to have to sign off on something. He said no and that that was something I had to take care of myself. Sheesh, that worried me, so I asked again – the nurse this time. And lucky me that the nurse has a developmentally delayed child who had to use In Home Support Services so she gave me their info. By all accounts Medical will pay for it (and hopefully my Medicare will as its paid for by Medical) and I choose the person I want to be my caretaker and they will get reimbursed at minimum wage. Well, its hope, so I am pleased. I hope not to need anyone for long but I can’t ignore my situation and its becoming apparent that I need help. So, Monday I will call In Home Support Services and see if I can’t make things better for myself.

Different Routine

My nurse practitioner suggested that I deal with the pain by taking one of my Endocet pills every three or four hours (rather than as needed). This I have done today and it seems to be a good thing. I took the dogs (I have one visiting a cattle dog called Meka) to the beach and threw the frisbee for thirty minutes (well, I thought it was thirty Meka would tell you that it was only three minutes, she can’t get enough). After frisbee we walked home through Main Street.

We walked past Pat’s Restaurant which is my favorite diner. They give Simon a bag of milk bones when he walks by on our morning walks (if he can get eye contract with the waitress that is.) This day I walked the dogs on by and I could see Donna (who is Simons biggest fan,) was there but didn’t know if she had seen Simon (I don’t always want him to stop, he has a weight problem and shouldn’t be eating so much) so I walked on by, Simon was pulling enough to leave marks on his neck, he was adamant about getting back to Pats! But, I’m the boss and on I go – it takes about two minutes to get Simon to walk straight rather than turned backwards, facing Pats, standing firm waiting for his treats. About a block and a half later I see someone I know and stop to talk to them, when at the same time I hear “simon” shouted and around the block comes Donna! She had run all that distance to give my guy his bones. This is one of the reasons I love Guerneville so much, the community is so open and loving. This is the small town I always dreamed existed. I know now that places like this are rare and I appreciate it so much for that. Life and people would be healthier if there was more community spirit out there, this I know for sure.

Clap Clap I Ate Healthily

After that I had to go back to Pats for breakfast. But help, their menu is full of delicious but not very healthy items?? But things were on my side because as I sat down I saw that the people next to me had ordered a fruitcup. I knew they Pats had one on their menu but didn’t think it was the season, so I had a fruitcup too. And, just because I felt so good, I also ordered poached eggs on toast, which comes with some more fruit. Being in pain is a good motivator to change your behavior. Maybe I should write a book about that.

Point is that I felt well enough to eat all that. This is the second time I have eaten in five days and the previous time I threw up shortly after. This time it has been down for about three hours and I feel fine, and healthy. So, regular painkillers it is until my tumor behaves itself.

Further On Well, What a Change

So, I didn’t expect it but today finds me on the path to my next chemotherapy. I guess it started on Saturday when I just felt, bad, stale, stayed in bed most of the day. I went out dancing at night, but couldn’t move much, might have been me, might have been the music – most probably me. However Sunday was horrific, I spent the night writhing in pain, I must have taken at least four of my painkillers before giving up. I was throwing up this thick greenish black stuff with coffee grinds in it (well, thats what it looked like and I got several chances to look up close). First thing Monday morning I called up and asked for a doctors appointment, sorry they said “the doctor is busy” you can’t see him until May (!!what!!). So I asked for an appointment with a nurse, who called me back first and actually got me an appointment with the doctor that day (see, its all a con).

Forward Into The Past

So I crawl into the oncologists office. At this point I have taken another couple of painkillers and these kicked in so I’m feeling vaguely human. Still, once in the office I start crying while talking with the doctor. He did explain some things for me. The pain, why it was so incredible – and was this the start of another stage of my cancer? This terrified me more than anything. The doctor told me that it hurt so much as one of the tumors in my liver would occasionally press against a nerve ending in the liver. Made sense to me. I asked the doctor how long he thought I had if I did nothing “months or years” was his rather vague answer, but it made me happy, even if death is in your future its a lot easier to face from a distance. Anyway, the pain had weakened me and when he broached the subject of chemotherapy I went for it. Now I wonder, the scheduler called today to schedule my first infusion which is due to last for four hours. God help me, and I mean that. At the tuition meeting I think I am going to ask the nurse if I can start at a shorter infusion and work my way up, I am definitely paranoid about chemo now. Before I left the doctor prescribed me some morphine for when I have periods like this again, hopefully not for a LONG LONG time.

More Radio More KOWS

So, my favorite therapy is radio, started off with my morning show on KGGV LP, reading stuff from the newspaper and playing big band stuff, nothing to complain about there, I had a bunch of fun. Then comes the afternoon and I am off again to KOWS for my Tuesday music show. The radio station is above a fabulous organic restaurant called Howards so I stopped by before the show and got myself a healthy juice (trying to eat right, all part of the program.)

I am trying to get better each show I do and I think this time I improved on my mic breaks. Kept myself comfortably in the green range and talked quietly. At the last staff meeting (also the first) I met Jeffrey Weissman, who is in a similar health position to myself and is soon to be a DJ on KOWS. Jeffrey is a ‘professional’ entertainer and has his own website, try it: should take you there. If it doesn’t let me know. Anyway I met Jeffrey at the meeting and picked his brains for advice about my mic breaks, I could tell that he didn’t really want to go there (I mean you never know how people are going to react to advice even if its solicited) but he suggested I move about less (mic not omnidirectional), don’t be afraid of a little silence, and one other thing that I forget! Anyway the point is I want to learn, I want to get better because I want to get somewhere. Or at least sound good while I’m trying. And Jeffrey, I don’t think I moved about too much while doing my mic breaks, thanks for the advice.

Dr. Slavin Works With Dr. Bozdeck

Or so I hope anyway. My oncologist said he was willing to work with Dr. Slavin, which made me happy and I’m sure Dr. Slavin would rather communicate with another doctor but sheesh this puts the procedure months into the future. Perhaps though that will give me the time I need to up my funds.

Basically All Is OK

OK, I admit it, most of the time I am pretty happy. Even though there are periods of pain for the most part I am a very lucky person, blessed with great acquaintances, friends, fabulous pets and wonderful music. A boyfriend might be nice, but there I go complaining again. Anyway while I am hacking away at this keyboard I might as well put out a request to the universe to supply me with some supportive, loving companionship to help me through these times.

From the Saint to the Spiritualist Church

Well, after visiting with St. John, there was more to experience. My friend Rob knew of this church he wanted me to visit, they did free Reiki healing and did psychic readings too. This sounded like fun and maybe someone from the other side could appear and give me the go ahead for some treatment that would definately work for me.

So, off we drive to Franklin and Clay and get there just a tad late, we rush in all flustered and sweaty while all around us are quiet meditating people. Rob directs me to this special healing room where about five people stand aside chairs, in the chairs sit people who need healing. I took one chair and enjoyed my session, it was relaxing and peaceful anyway.

After the healing we all went to the main room of the ‘church’ and listened to a story about tolerance, this was followed by the church business, and after that came the psychic readings.

Well, of course I hoped that I would be called, but it wasn’t to be. At one point it almost seemed so, they were talking about the African Savanna and British stuff, and I thought, well the British stuff matches, but then the woman behind me claimed it, even though she didn’t really have any meaningful connection to Africa. It seemed like that all around, I guess it wasn’t a day of great communications, everyone was told to de-stress and all the people called on were already known by the psychics (they would call them by their first names!) It just didn’t appear to be very valid, but perhaps I just arrived on the wrong day.

First KOWS Meeting

Well, at last – the first KOWS meeting happened. There were four of us DJs from KGGV there and about 15 other people who are starting shows. It was an interesting group and there is a lot of talent at the station. My day was made when a DJ came up to me and told me he used to listen to me on KUSF in San Francisco. Wow. During the meeting we all introduced ourselves, told about our programs and talked about some of the things we could do with the station, starting with announcing the April Fools Day Parade which is due to occur on the 5th of April. It is said that it is fun. Lets hope so.

Onward I go

Well, I swallowed my pride and called in the doctors office to get some pain meds.   It was pretty easy, just left a message with the nurse practitioners and they called back, asked how things were and voila a prescription from the Doctor!  And boy did I need it.  Because it was a narcotic I had to drive an hour to the office to pick it up (they suggested mailing it, can you imagine waiting four or five days for your pain meds, sheesh!).  

The drug is Endocet and works well, mostly, but I worry now that I will be on painkillers all the time.   Usually I wait until the pain arrives before taking meds but this time the pain is just too enduring to do that and when I don’t take the meds I can feel the pains coming back.  Its very frightening.

Talk It Out

I guess I should have asked the nurse what this pain means, whether it could go away, and how soon might it get worse.    I suppose I am afraid to ask, when I have these pains I feel that I must only have a short while left to live. 

Oh well, wrote to my PD at KGGV and asked him to let me know if I sounded like I was on drugs on the air.  Have to have some dignity!

Dr. Slavin wrote back

Well, I still don’t have a prognosis on whether Dr. Slavin will take me on or not, but I wrote to him again today because I haven’t heard from him for two weeks, and he emailed back to say that he would get the answer to me (via his secretary) early next week.  Hopefully I can stave off paranoia till the email arrives.  I am so excited, so nervous.  And, believe it or not I have about a third of the amount of money I will need to get treatment by the Doctor, thats a miracle in itself!

Cancer today, cancer tomorrow

Well, guess my wishful thinking didn’t come through this time as I just got a talk-through of the result of my PetScan.  My cancer has spread, this time definately to the lungs with three extra nodules (tumors), evidence of progressive metastatic disease in peritenell (sp?) (the pelvic area).  However, my liver is stable which I think is good. 

Of course I cried at first and I really am surprized because I feel so well.   But thats the way it goes I guess, lifes a bitch sometimes.

Life goes on

Don’t know what else to say about the diagnosis so I will let it sit for a while.  However I have been talking with Phil of KOWS a low power radio station in Occidental which is about 30 minutes drive away from Guerneville.  I already do three Morning Shows at KGGV LP in Guerneville where I read the paper and play big band style jazz, but recently I’ve wanted to do a music show and I like the idea of doing it on a brand new station, I think their listenership would be even less than KGGVs but I like the intimacy.  They allow dogs in the studio at KOWS so it will be fun to bring Simon along for companionship.

Still Not Gone

Awaiting my next PetScan, set for the 24th.  I occasionally still have a bloated stomach, on Friday I went to see my GP doctor about my personal problems and she suggested maybe cystitus, which made sense, and she prescribed me antibiotics.  I think I may have mixed my supplements and antibiotics because on Saturday night I was throwing up six times between 5 p.m. and 11 p.m.  I’m hoping its because of the antibiotics anyway. 

Still No Word From Dr. Slavin

But that might be because I mentioned I was going to get a PetScan soon and would send it to him when I had it done.  He probably is waiting to do that, plus dealing with building his own hospital, guess that would make anyone busy.

Off to See Some Art

Went off to the local theatre yesterday, its all volunteer, and had a great time.  There were eight plays and all of them were humerous, succesfully so in most cases.  I laughed a lot and after the shows there was a reception for the playwrights so I got to eat a lot of good food and share some great company, you can’t beat that.  Robert from the radio station went with me and we might  go to the John Mayall show on the 24th in Santa Rosa, if we can get on the guest list, it shouldn’t be too difficult for Robert as he wrote a review of Mayall that helped promote the show, but I am holding my breath as to whether I can get in as his plus one.  Lets see how my karma works out.

More Radio

Got a call from Phil of KOWS, another local volunteer radio station around here, I had expressed interest in a show and he called me up.  We decided on Tuesday from 1-3 as my show time, so there we are . . . the 22nd, tomorrow, will be my first show and I’m looking forward to it!