Hope Chest

Here is where my hopes rest now.  My biggest hope is to get cured from Cancer, but this is an expensive proposition.  Its a difficult thing to do, to ask for help, but this is where I am – asking for help from any stranger who might believe in this process of curing cancer, someone who may be willing to share a few extra dollars in an attempt to test out a potential cure.  Without a lot of cold hard cash I stand no chance of testing out this potential cure and will be left just hoping that diet and exercise will cure me, though maybe it will . . . who knows.  Anyway, I’m, praying that the universe will help me get through this.  My first goal is to get $400 for the consultation with Dr. Slavin that starts this process. 


1 comment so far

  1. Beth Hearn on

    Are you still wanting $400? I’m willing to do your fundraisng if you do. Love, Beth

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